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Wholesaler vs Retailer when buying an item of diamond jewelry

Nov 3


Congratulations! You've made the big move and you're now engaged. What now? You must now choose the type of engagement ring and diamond you'd like to have. Talk to some of your acquaintances, but don't let them talk about the proposal in a public forum. One of your friends has said they're "a person" (everyone seems to have "a guy"). They usually mean a wholesale jeweler within my region. What does a diamonds wholesaler do?

Diamond Wholesaler

A wholesaler of diamonds buys massive quantities of diamonds and then sells them off to brick-and-mortar stores or online businesses. They often can get fantastic deals on diamonds because they buy the stones in bulk. They don't sell to the general public or individuals unless they are friends or relatives.

The Rapaport Diamond Report is a pricing report that diamond wholesalers are able to access. A matrix that lists prices for different shapes, colors, clarity and carats (upto 6 carats) is the common pricing guideline for wholesalers of diamonds. If the wholesaler is reputable and reliable, they should provide you with the Rapaport Diamond Report price or less than the Rapaport "Rap 10" rate (which means a 10% discount on the price that is quoted in the Rapaport "Rap" report). It's important to remember that Rapaport prices are the average of the costs in the market. Prices aren't set in stone.

There are 4-8 loose diamonds, based on the type of wholesaler you're looking for when you go to their office. The wholesaler will present the diamonds using a magnifying glass (10x) to see any blemishes or internal flaws inside the diamond. Then the next step is to put the stone in the setting. If the wholesaler has the expertise and has the ability to create an individualized setting and set the central stone inside the ring while standing in front. An engagement ring that is brand new will be handed to you.


Retail Diamond Store

A brick-and-mortar shop that sells engagement rings and diamonds is known as a diamond store. A retail store allows you to purchase the item right away and deliver it to your home the next day. The merchandise is able to be touched and felt, however, you'll need to pay an extra 25-40% than an online store or wholesaler.

It's good news that most retail diamond shops are now online. This is no surprise since more customers are now shopping online for items that are expensive, such as diamonds. Online shopping could save you up to 30% on diamonds. Finding the perfect diamond may be difficult due to the sheer number of websites.


The benefits of Wholesale Diamonds from your Jeweler

Here are a few of the benefits of wholesale loose diamonds.


1. Wholesale diamonds permit you to inspect the quality of the diamond. It is much easier to spot imperfections in wholesale diamonds rather than examine them. It is possible to examine the diamond from every angle and spot flaws.


2. They are also more affordable. Diamonds that are loose are cheaper since you can make it your own, including the carat weight. This could help you save as much as 10% to 15 percent. The traditional ring and the mounted diamond are not an alternative. You have two options: you can look for another ring, or increase your budget.

3. By buying loose diamonds, you can explore different designs and styles. To look at the rings she prefers, take his partner to the jeweler's shop prior to the time. Once he's seen the styles and designs she loves, he will be able to go back to buy the diamond.


4. Diamonds can be considered a worthwhile investment. Diamonds mounted are less valuable than loose diamonds. A mounted diamond might have a rich past and is able to be sold for its collectible worth. Wholesale diamonds are worth their weight. You can buy a large set and put the best in your ring, and then use the remainder to invest.


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