Watch This Virtual Influencer Show Off Some New LG Gear at CES

In case you didn’t already know, the monumental tech show CES has gone virtual this year. All the usual gadgets in Vegas are affected by the ongoing pandemic.

LG was eager to experiment with the new format and unveiled some of the company’s new tech gadgets at its online press conference on Monday with virtual influencer Reah Keem.

Keem, who describes herself as a songwriter and DJ, landed on Instagram in May 2020 and currently has a modest number of followers of just over 6,000.

It might feel a bit strange for a computer-generated character to describe their love for travel, but if you can suspend your disbelief for a moment – as you do when you’re watching Tom and Jerry – you’re likely to enjoy this quirky sales pitch.

“Travel is a big part of my life and my inspiration,” says Keem in LG’s video presentation (above), while also pointing out how travel restrictions are currently making their globetrotting adventures impossible. This is the perfect introduction to the unveiling of LG’s new CLOi UV-C robot. The wheel-based bot uses ultraviolet C (UV-C) light to eradicate nasty germs and viruses in high-traffic areas such as hotel rooms and restaurants – the very places that a global gadabout like Keem will undoubtedly often find in.

While global flight restrictions somehow force the fully digital Keem to settle into her virtual home, the influencer says she will just “relax in my studio and work on my videos.” This ties in nicely with the latest iteration of LG’s ultra-light Gram laptop, which the virtual musician says has a clean design, a super-slim 16:10 aspect ratio display and a hidden hinge display.

And with that, Keem handed the presentation over to Samsung manager Samuel Chang, who was neither computerized nor worried that Keem would soon fire him from the job.

Part of the fun of this year’s unusual CES is seeing how different companies use the virtual format. While LG’s presentation with Keem may not be for everyone, at least they made an effort to link their references with the products they featured.

For more information about what’s happening at CES this week and the latest cool tech products, check out the dedicated guide from Digital Trends.

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