VZR Announces New Model One Headphones for Audiophile Gamers

There’s a new name in the gaming headphone space: VZR. The audio company aims to bring gamers audiophile quality at a reasonable cost with its new VZR Model One headphones.

Pre-orders for VZR Mode One are open today and the headphones are expected to ship in the second quarter of 2021. The device costs $ 349. According to VZR, headphone audio quality should be in the range of $ 4,000.

The great advantage of the audio device is its patented CrossWave technology, with which 3D audio can be rendered more accurately. This is achieved with acoustic lenses that actually reshape sound waves rather than digitally altering the audio source.

This selling point is especially noticeable at the beginning of a brand new generation of consoles where 3D audio is a selling point for PlayStation 5. Digital Trends tested the headphones in several games, including the Resident Evil Village Maiden demo, and found they provided natural and detailed spatial sound that made it easy to determine direction.

According to VZR, CrossWave technology is designed to future-proof their open-back headphones to keep up with the rapidly changing technology landscape. Rather than relying on a DSP chip that could be out of date in a few years, the Model One focuses on acoustics. While the headphones particularly take advantage of new gaming technologies, they are designed as a rugged all-round option that is suitable for movies, music and any other audio application.

The One model is equipped with a patent-pending, noise-canceling boom microphone that prevents the foam cover from pressing on the microphone itself and attenuating the sound. The package includes an additional in-line microphone on the headphone cables.

VZR was founded by former Apple chief acoustic engineer Victor Tiscareno. The team consists of several industry veterans from the video game and audio industries. According to VZR, this collection of expertise has been used to predict where audio technology is headed and to develop headphones that will match this trend.

Based on our time with the VZR Model One so far, the headphones deliver both a very detailed sound and a comfortable, yet robust design. In terms of headphone quality, the VZR Model Ones, combined with the $ 349 price tag, feel perfect for gaming audiophiles who want to get the most out of spatial audio in games like Call of Duty: Warzone.

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