Vegan Cookbooks 2021: Our Top Picks for Your Home Kitchen

The new year brings new opportunities, learning experiences and the opportunity to try new ways of being. Food has the power to heal, connect, and transport us to places we can’t travel right now, and serves as an emotional callback to the people and places we miss the most. Whether you’re a vegan for life or just starting to experiment with plant-based cooking, there are plenty of cookbooks in 2021 that can help you eat delicious foods with kindness in mind.

This year’s crop of plant-based cookbooks brings us Asian-inspired dishes, plant-based dishes from British favorites, and even smoothie recipes from an Instagram influencer. Here are the new 2021 plant-based cookbooks we can’t wait to get our hands on:

The spicy, plant-based cookbook

Sure, you could pour a little spicy sauce on your favorite plant-based dishes. But here’s a better idea: make vegan meals where spices are the star of the show. Among the 200 plant-based recipes in The Spicy Plant-Based Cookbook, published by Adams Media in January, there’s enough warmth to please every palate. Dishes like the Cajun Tempeh Po’Boy and Saucy Kung Pao Tofu will make your mouth water for all the right reasons.

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Great British vegan

Plant-based food doesn’t mean you have to go without bangers and mash or fish and chips! Great British Vegan delivers over 80 plant-based versions of classic British recipes like Yorkshire Puddings, Shepherd’s Pie and, yes, [To]Fish & Chips. Here you will also find recipes for desserts and baked goods such as Battenberg Cake. Author Aimee Ryan is the blogger behind Wallflower Kitchen, a plant-based recipe blog that you’ll want to follow. Vegan sticky toffee pudding?

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Asian Green: Everyday herbal recipes, inspired by the East

British TV chef Ching He Huang is back with another cookbook. This is inspired by the vegan diet that cured her husband’s medical problems. Taiwan-born Huang is best known for her Chinese recipes, many of which use animal products. Asian Green, due out in February, focuses solely on plant-based recipes from across Asia, including dishes like Peking Mushroom Pancakes and Wok-Fried Orange Soy Sticky Sticky Sprouts. Yum!

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Broke Vegan: Over 100 Plant-Based Recipes That Don’t Cost the Earth

Plant-based food can be available to everyone. The 100+ plant-based recipes in Saskia Sidey’s Broke Vegan (slated for March) prove that you can eat well on any budget. Sidey shares recipes for popular plant-based dishes like mushroom bologonese, and they have a robust selection of breakfast and brunch items. Maybe 2021 will be the year you step into the time-saving practice of batch cooking? Their Confit Tomatoes and Sticky Sweet Eggplants seem like the perfect starting point.

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The great book on plant-based baby food

Tamika L. Gardner wants your little one to eat well. And with the 300 recipes from the great book on plant-based baby food, there is something for every fussy eater. But don’t make the phrase “baby food” sound like purees and yogurt are your only options. Gardner is a mom herself and offers many toddler-friendly recipes like Coconut Milk Overnight Oats and Lemony Zoodles (that’s spiralized zucchini). The book will be on the shelves from March.

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The vegan meat cookbook: Meatless favorites. Made with plants.

Many plant-based guests have enjoyed vegan cheese, cream cheese, and butter from Miyoko’s Creamery. Now the owner Miyoko Schinner is devoting her upcoming cookbook, The Vegan Meat Cookbook, to plant-based meat. Her recipes explain how to vegan traditional meat-based recipes such as fried buttermilk chicken or sausage calzones. But the Vegan Meat Cookbook also contains 28 recipes that teach you how to make your own vegan meat (bacon!) And cheese (mozzarella!) At home.

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The Little Pine Cookbook: Modern Plant-Based Comfort

Little Pine is one of the best vegan restaurants in Los Angeles, where it opened in 2015. Thanks to the new cookbook from the owner Moby’s restaurant, you can now prepare his dishes at home. The pioneering electronic musician (and longtime vegan) shares 125 plant-based recipes from Little Pine, including panko-crusted picatta and chocolate bread pudding. If you can’t make it to Silver Lake, next best thing is to prepare a plant-based meal from the Little Pine Cookbook.

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Vegan nights: 100% plant-based junk food

Vegan Nights is a party not to be missed in London since 2017. Part of a food court and part of a dance club for all ages, Vegan Nights brings together 40 stalls selling vegan food, including vegan beer. In their upcoming cookbook Vegan Nights: 100% Plant-Based Junk Food, anyone can recreate dishes from “their favorite vegan junk food suppliers” at home. It’s almost as good as a party night!

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The Korean vegan

Joanne Lee Molinaro, founder of the Korean vegan blog, wasn’t always enthusiastic about the idea of ​​going plant-based. She told LIVEKINDLY late last year that she initially associated veganism with “white and healthy” and feared that she was destined for a life with kale salads. But then she started veganizing the Korean food she knew and loved. The Korean vegan was born, and the rest is history.

Molinaro recently announced the exciting launch of her own cookbook, which will feature “many new recipes and stories” on her Instagram for more than 258,000 followers. Watch this room.

African vegan on a budget with Chef Cola

Nicola Kagoro, also known as Chef Cola, is the driving force behind the vegan cuisine and the vegan garden Back to Black Roots in Zimbabwe. The kitchen’s job is to provide the first all-female vegan anti-poaching unit, Akashinga, with tasty, nutritious meals and rations.

Kagoro is passionate about cooking traditional African plant-based food that is as tasty as it is budget-friendly. Her new cookbook, African Vegan on a Budget with Chef Cola, is due out in November.

Bonus! These two books, published late last year, should also be added to your kitchen library.

Faster BOSH!

BOSH are the foodie duo of Ian Theasby and Henry David Firth who run an extremely popular YouTube channel called The boys’ fifth herbal cookbook, Speedy BOSH !, features 100 recipes with ingredients you can find at most supermarkets. Faster BOSH! can help you veganize favorite recipes like the super meaty spaghetti bolognese and the ultimate vegan mac and cheese. There’s also an entire chapter on your favorite take-away foods, including jackfruit burgers and ramen. 2021 is off to a delicious start!

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Plant revised

If you’re reading this from a cold place right now, we’d like to direct you to the Earthy Andy account on Instagram. The earthy Andy – also known as influencer Andy Hannemann – publishes beautiful photos of their surfer girl life in Hawaii with her partner and three adorable children. Hannemann has just published her first cookbook, Plant Over Processed, which features 75 plant-based recipes that will amuse her and feed her family. Green smoothies, bowls, and delicious desserts like avo fudgicles will make you feel like you’re at the right place with her in Oahu. (Nearly.)

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