UK Agents Barton Wyatt’s Top Tips on Creating a Dream Kitchen

This year’s British Food Fortnight, an event that has grown massively since its original conception in 2002, is finally coming to an end this weekend.

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Fall / Fall is a traditional time to celebrate British food – something this festival highlights with its fresh and local theme to create more robust markets for local businesses and farmers’ markets. Obviously, buying fresh local produce is only the beginning of the creative process, and finding the perfect cuisine to make is the next step.

People’s ideas of their dream kitchen can vary greatly, says James Wyatt, partner at award-winning Barton Wyatt real estate agency in Virginia Water, Surrey. Wyatt noted that deciding on a new kitchen can be very difficult. “When customers ask for opinions, we always recommend something in neutral colors using the best kitchen products and appliances they can afford.”

Wyatt pointed out that they have come across properties with inadequate kitchens in the past, making it much more difficult to find a buyer. He cites the case of a beautifully renovated Jacobean house with a B&Q kitchen that was obviously an afterthought; This had a negative impact on the price of the property and significantly slowed sales.

Barton Wyatt’s top tips for creating a dream kitchen for a new owner are choosing the best high-end appliances, as many luxury kitchens come with a built-in coffeemaker, line hob, and wine fridge, and many have multiple ovens. Apparently, instant hot water taps and pizza ovens are the latest thing, and people who are entertaining are looking for two dishwashers. They also recommend choosing a kitchen that is heavy duty and out of date. If you don’t sell right now, you need to think about what it will be like in a few years. Lighting is also important and the floor needs to be durable. The latest kitchen designs may be made of tempered glass and aluminum, but Barton Wyatt thinks granite is hard to beat.

Barton Wyatt is currently selling a new building on the Wentworth Estate that has a fantastic outdoor kitchen with a large built in grill, drinks fridge, storage cabinets and lots of work space. The outdoor kitchen is right next to the indoor pool and whirlpool and offers a wonderful view over the woods. With the current Indian summer in England, an outdoor kitchen doesn’t seem that far-fetched. The six bedroom property is on sale for £ 6.5 million.

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