U.S. to Replace All Federal Vehicles With Electric Fleet

America’s entire federal vehicle fleet will be replaced by US-made electric models, President Joe Biden announced on Monday.

The move is part of a broader “Made in America” initiative designed to boost US manufacturing by increasing federal spending on American companies, the newly minted president said in a speech on Monday, January 25th.

“The federal government has an enormous fleet of vehicles that we will replace with clean electric vehicles made by American workers here in America. They create millions of jobs, a million jobs for auto workers and clean energy, and vehicles with net zero emissions, “Biden said as he outlined the government’s planned measures.

According to reports, the U.S. government currently operates around 650,000 vehicles, including a mix of cars, SUVs, and trucks for various uses. President Biden did not reveal any details about when the process will begin or how long it will take to completely replace the fleet. So it could take many years to complete the change.

The auto industry expert Kristin Dziczek described the current all-electric offers in the USA as “pretty slim”. Commenting on CNBC in response to the government announcement, the executive director of the Center for Automotive Research added, “But the industry is about to unleash an avalanche of new products, and many of them have been built in North America.” With that in mind, fast-moving American automakers could get some pretty lucrative government contracts.

In response to Monday’s announcement, Detroit-based General Motors replied that this is “fueled by President Biden’s commitment to supporting American manufacturing,” while Ford of Dearborn Biden’s early focus on American manufacturing investments was “critical to ongoing.” Success of the US automobile “denoted industry.”

The federal fleet also includes the President’s heavily armored Cadillac, known as “the Beast” and currently running on gasoline. However, how long it will be before we see this particular vehicle hum softly on the road is unclear.

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