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Types of Decorative Trims

Oct 5

Trims are materials that are not part of the main fabric of the garment but the decorative elements that are added to a garment to improve its appearance or utility. Decorative trimmings, such as embroideries, appliqués, and screen printing can all add to the garment's aesthetic appeal, while trims, such as buttons, labels, and finishes, provide a practical purpose. Whatever the type, trims are typically applied to a garment or furnishing to differentiate the product or match with a style.


Trims of Different Types


Of the many trimming options available, Bindings, edging, and flat applications are among the most popular.


Bindings are used to complete the edges of garments around the necklines, hems, and openings. Depending on the kind of garment, several materials can be used for bindings but binding trimmings, bias-cut woven, and folded braids are some of the most frequent. To adapt to the curves of the garment being decorated, whatever binding trim is being used should have significant flexibility.


If the purpose of the trim is to draw attention to style lines and divide color blocks, edgings should be used. Some of the edgings used on clothing include laces, fringes, piping, ribbons & more. These are typically applied as necklines or hems of a piece of clothing.


Flat Trims are embellishments sewn onto the clothing as a decorative element. Flat trimmings used in clothing include embroidery, braids, appliqués, twill tapes, ribbons, screen printing, and more. These trims' manufacturing variations and width are utilized to alter their overall attractiveness. Flat trimmings are frequently used to hide seams or to provide texture or an aesthetic appeal.



In addition to the trims mentioned above, there are also buttons and metal trimmings such as buckles or rhinestones that can also be stitched into the clothing to add either an aesthetic or functional advantage.


Overall, it is important to know the purpose of the trim before you make a selection so that it appropriately functions & looks its very best. The design options are endless!