ToBox makes generic kitchen tools and appliances that are just as good as their name brand counterparts

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Wrap up

  • The unbranded kitchen gadgets and tools offered by online retailer ToBox are made by the same manufacturers behind your favorite brands, but are sold at half price.
  • ToBox passes the savings of any middleman, buyer, or importer directly to its customers who can pick up $ 4 worth of small kitchen utensils and other affordable cookware.
  • It wasn’t launched until 2018 but is sure to become a strong competitor to Amazon as buyers look for options that offer more for their money.

If you cook at all, you’ve likely bought more than a few kitchen gadgets from Amazon. We have personally found that Amazon’s wide range of well-known, highly rated brands and affordable products can help us prepare and cook meals more efficiently.

We are obviously Amazon fans, but it turns out that there is actually a world outside of the website. When we hear that there are pockets hidden on the internet that offer even better prices for well-made kitchen gadgets or appliances, we are definitely intrigued.

ToBox is a new website for kitchen ware that was launched in early 2018 and offers small appliances, baking ware, cutlery, kitchen utensils, tableware and organizational products at up to 50% off traditional prices.

By working directly with Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs), who directly control the design and ownership of all products, ToBox can supply customers with small kitchen utensils like vegetable peelers or buy specialty equipment like panini multi-purpose presses for $ 5 that looks and works how it works the branded version, but costs 30% less.

Like Brandless, the online retailer that sells snacks, cooking ingredients, household items, and personal care products for $ 3, ToBox values ​​the value and transparency of branding. I may be extremely brand loyal to certain types of products, but sometimes all I need is a no-frills piece of kitchenware and I don’t want to waste time comparing five slightly different models of the same thing. A good looking toaster with just the right features and tan settings is fine with me. As long as it’s durable and does its job well, I happily sacrifice a logo or brand name if it means I don’t have to spend that much money.

I’ve tried a few ToBox products including a handy mango cutter, the aforementioned retro-style toaster, and a vegetable peeler to make sure the company lives up to its quality claims, and it definitely passed the test. All equipment and tools were simple and robust and did their job as expected. I find it difficult to get poetic about a vegetable peeler and would probably have the same thing to say whether it was $ 5 or $ 10. So if I buy a good one it might as well be the ToBox $ 5.

If I can save a few extra dollars on every kitchen tool that I just toss in my drawer and don’t have to think twice, it means I have to spend more on the priority purchases in my life, like a comfortable pair of shoes. If you have a similar mindset about shopping for your kitchen, ToBox is a high quality retail alternative. It offers free shipping on orders over $ 19, free 30-day returns, and a 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

Below we’ve rounded up some of the best kitchen products you can get for less at ToBox.

You can also buy all kitchen utensils and tools at ToBox here

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