This Xenoma Bodysuit Provides a Full Workout in 20 Minutes

Everyone wants to get in shape, but few people want to spend hours in the gym during the week. In fact, most people just don’t have the time – between work and raising a family, leisure is very important. So far, many home gym products have been developed at CES 2021, but the Xenoma e-Skin EMStyle is different from the other products on the market. How would you feel if you were wearing something that contained 24 electrodes?

The E-Skin EMStyle is a body that offers a full body workout in just 20 minutes. No need to attach cables to yourself or lift loads of weights. All you need to do is do 20 minutes of cardio and the suit will do the rest. There are 24 electrodes embedded in the suit that contract your muscles like an intense workout – minus the weights and grunts. If you’ve ever tried any of these abdominal stimulator devices, it will work, provided that it is the same.

The suit is stylishly designed. It’s similar to a wetsuit in fit and color, but tron-esque accent lines along the suit hide the electrodes and target the main muscle groups of the body. The EMStyle Hub snaps into the suit to supply it with power. Xenoma has tested the EMStyle Hub more than 4,400 times to ensure its durability and longevity. Train as hard as you want – the hub can handle it. (But you probably want to avoid swimming.)

With the EMStyle Personal App you can track your progress and your training via your phone. Keep track of the time of your exercise and see which part of your body you are targeting.

When you’re done, just disconnect the EMStyle Hub and toss your suit in the wash. It is machine washable, although there is no word on whether it can be machine dried or not.

While the gyms are still closed, home workouts are the next best option – and a machine like the Xenoma E-Skin EMStyle can give you intense workouts and valuable feedback on these workouts without stepping out of your living room. That said, if the idea of ​​following a YouTube Zumba class doesn’t appeal to you, you can use the suit for running, biking, and more. You are more likely to stick with a workout you enjoy than one that bores you. So find a fun activity and give it a try.

Sure, Xenomas Body offers a tempting solution for those who don’t have the time or motivation to exercise. However, we would like to remind you to exercise caution here because of potential security concerns. We tried to learn more about it from Xenoma, but received no response.

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