These Schitt’s Creek Kitchen Towels Are Simply the Best

According to Moira’s eccentric vocabulary, it gets a little dangerous when a rose is confronted with kitchen issues. If left to their own devices – no personal chef in sight – in their humble city Schitt’s CreekThe family is likely completely at a loss as to how to follow their own family recipes and ask each other what burning smell smells like. Not to mention, Alexis can tell the difference between 12 pints of raw milk and nearly $ 400 in value as easily as she can tell the difference between a veterinarian and a doctor. The truth is Schitt’s Creek Fashion, the roses always deliver their most memorable quotes in the face of total chaos, leaving us with a gold mine of lines that just make too much sense in the kitchen. Make yourself like Twyla and give your Café Tropical – um, Kitchen – a fun makeover with these Schitt’s Creek-themed kitchen towels.

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