The OnePlus 8T Concept Uses mmWave to Track Your Breathing

OnePlus is getting a little more experimental. With the new OnePlus 8T concept, the company is showing off a slew of new features that may make it into OnePlus phones. The new device is essentially a OnePlus 8T with some features that OnePlus believes push the boundaries of current smartphone technology. However, whether these features will be used in actual phones in the future is an open question.

According to OnePlus, the 8T concept uses a combination of “natural design inspiration and advanced technologies to create a more natural interaction between user and device”.

For starters, the device is again equipped with the color changing lens from OnePlus, which was shown for the first time in the OnePlus Concept One earlier this year. Essentially, the technician uses a film that contains a metal oxide and changes color from dark blue to light silver when that metal oxide is activated.

However, OnePlus goes a step further and integrates this technology into mmWave. According to OnePlus, when receiving and sending mmWave electromagnetic waves, the device can use a combination of digital signal processing and CPU to sense and locate objects in 3D around the phone. Note that this does not necessarily occur during 5G usage. The device only uses the ultra-high frequency radio waves, which are similar to and are also used in 5G transmission.

The actual use of this technology may of course be a bit limited – but OnePlus has a few ideas. For example, your device can flash different colors for an incoming call, and the call can be answered or declined with a gesture, similar to the Pixel 4’s solo-activated gesture controls, or OnePlus says it could be used to make a user’s breathing and even change color in sync with your breathing.

This type of technology seems interesting, but how precise it is and whether or not people will adopt it remains to be seen. Of course, there’s also the fact that OnePlus hasn’t built it into a phone that actually sells it yet – and until then we can’t really try it out ourselves.

It’s cool to see companies experiment with new technology, and it looks like it will stay that way with OnePlus too. The company also announces OnePlus Gaudi, a new team within OnePlus dedicated to integrating technology and art. Safe to say we should see more of this type of technology from OnePlus in the future.

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