The Best Kitchen Products To Feel Like A Professional Chef

Starting to burden yourself from home? Do you feel like the rest of us crazy Can’t you find the inspiration to live in your own space like you did before COVID-19? What do you miss the most? We go to our favorite restaurant. The food, the energy, the atmosphere: we miss it! But there is a way to recreate your favorite coffee shop at home with the help of some incredible brands.
We’ve listed the best kitchen products we love to get you in the mood to make them in your kitchen. It’s difficult when you have the family at home, kids at Zoom with their teachers, the constant need for entertainment, and more. We’ll cover you. Read on for 15 articles that will make your space the chicest home office.

11 Amazing Kitchen Products That Will Make You Feel Like a Professional Chef

1) Caraway Cookware Set ($ 395)

Image: Caraway
Dispose of the chemicals with the Caraway ceramic coated cookware. This complete set has everything you need for healthy cooking in your kitchen, to stay organized and look great with our pot and lid holders.

2) Our square drinking glasses at sunset ($ 50)

best kitchen products Image: Our place
Pour something else for your real ones. These space-saving, hand-blown stacking cups bring you one step closer to the clearly arranged cupboards of your dreams. Toast to us! Set of 4.

3) Set and pans for equal parts ($ 249)

best kitchen utensils Image: Same parts
Forever non-stick. This set for equal parts contains a small pan, a large pan, a small saucepan and a large saucepan and two universal lids.

4) Great Jones The Dutchess Pot ($ 155)

Kitchen products Image: Big Jones
This enameled Dutch cast iron stove moves elegantly from stove to stove to table. Cast iron is a master at retaining heat, and the smooth enamel finish makes it easy to erase and clean.

5) Year & Day Dip Dishes ($ 26)

best kitchen products Image: year & day
This set of four chic, low-edged dip dishes each includes one of our signature colors so you can see them all IRL. You can also use this color sample set as a salt and pepper cellar as well as for oils, nuts and olives in your antipasti heyday.

6) Milo Ultimate Skillet ($ 65)

best kitchen products Image: Cooking with Milo
This is Milo’s takeover of the pan, ensuring heat distribution, even boiling, and durability of cast iron without spices or complicated maintenance rituals. Thanks to the non-stick enamel, the cast iron pan is immediately ready for use, dishwasher-safe and withstands chemical non-stick coatings. The perfect addition to your Dutch oven.

7) Made in 8-inch chef’s knife ($ 89)

best kitchen products Image: Made in
Inspired by tradition and innovation, Made In has developed a fully forged, nitrogen-treated chef’s knife in collaboration with a family-owned knife maker of the 5th generation from the knife capital of the world.

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8) Flakey Sea Salt Saltworks ($ 10.99)

best kitchen products Image: Saline
Saltverk Flaky Sea Salt is a crispy, mineral-fresh sea salt that is produced using only energy from geothermal hot springs in northwest Iceland. This salt-making method is based on the old method from the 17th century, which is also practiced in Reykjanes. Geothermal energy is the only source of energy, which means that we do not leave any CO2 emissions in the environment during its entire process. The flaky sea salt is made from handcrafted crystal salt flakes that contain the taste and aroma of the Nordic region, from which the raw materials used in it come.

9) Pineapple Collaborative The Apple Cider Vinegar ($ 20)

best kitchen products Image: The Pineapple Collaborative
The apple of her eye. Made in collaboration with the farmer and producer Joanne Krueger from organic apples from Gravenstein, Red Rome Beauty, Golden Delicious and Pink Pearl, which were hand-picked from her orchard Little Apple Treats. We love to use this in the kitchen!

10) The Mysa Wine Natural Wine Starter Kit ($ 129.95)

best kitchen products Image: Mysa wines
If you are new to natural wines or are buying them as a gift for a friend, this is the perfect first stop in natural wine education! What is more cook-friendly than a natural wine? We feel like Action Bronson.

11) SMEG 50’s Retro Style Cream 2-Slice Toaster ($ 169)

best household kitchen items Image: SMEG
We feel like jumping back through time with this gem. SMEG is so good. Toast your bread and look good doing it.

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