The best children’s books set in Boston, according to readers


We asked about your favorite picture books about the city. You have answered.

Kayana Szymczak for The Boston Globe

From the T to Fenway to the Public Garden, Boston has a myriad of attractions that young readers can explore through the pages of the picture books.

We recently asked readers to share their favorite children’s book with the city, and the responses selected seven titles. Some respondents offered reading that was cherished in their own childhood, while other book titles are favorites of the children they know.

Check out the picture books that readers call the best in and around Boston below.

Ten people recommended this picture book, which contains rhymes and colorful illustrations with a structure like “Where’s Waldo?”. Readers are challenged to find the animals released from the Franklin Park Zoo that roam the city in the detailed paintings.

Here’s what some readers said about the book:

“Hours and hours of fun!” – Anil, Newton Upper Falls

“My grandchildren love animals – and they continue to love looking after animals and finding out about Boston. Great book for children! ”

“We brought it to London for a friend’s son a few years ago. He immediately knew how to look for the animals. It combined intuitively with its intelligence and imagination. He loved the book. “

“I often give it away and children love it. Adults like that too. “

“The kids love to find the animals all over town” – Michael, Boston

Five readers of checked out this classic that tells the story of Mrs. Mallard leading her eight ducklings through the city streets to their new home in the Public Gardens.

Here’s what some readers said about the book:

“Growing up in Belmont and going to Boston Common to ride the Swan Boats was a big highlight of my childhood. Reading this book as a child and seeing the statues in common later in life brings back wonderful memories. “

“My father proposed to my mother at the duck pond, that’s why we call ourselves a ‘duck family’.”

“This is the cutest, most beautiful little treasure in a book. I loved it as a kid (I’m 57 now) and every kid I give now loves it just as much. It never loses its appeal, even in this high-tech digital, video game-playing world. Hands down the best Boston book. Its appeal is timeless. ”- Liz, Arlington

“Lost!” by David McPhail (1990)

Two readers said this story about a young boy who befriends a lost bear on his way to school was their favorite Boston bookstore.

Two people recommended this title, which gave readers a colorful ride on the T.

“We love Stossel’s colorful illustrations and how the stories weave specific references to Boston landmarks (and T-lines) into kid-friendly and engaging stories,” wrote a reader.

Two readers voted this story, written by marathon bombing survivors Jessica Kensky and Patrick Downes, about Kensky’s true bond with their service dog, as the best book in town. The book, illustrated by Scott Magoon, tells the story of a young girl who, with the help and support of her service dog, gets used to life as an amputee.

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This story about a boy named Zachary visiting Fenway Park for the first time – and the adventures he goes on after his father catches a foul ball – was recommended by a reader.

“The kids in my second grade love this one and often borrow it!” They wrote about the story.

Balloon creatures give kids a tour of Boston – from Beacon Hill to Fenway – in this story told in rhymes recommended by a reader.

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