The 12 best things you can buy at The Container Store

If you didn’t already know, The Container Store is a little piece of organizational heaven and a favorite of smart storage experts like The Home Edit. Endless hours can easily be spent browsing the aisles of organizational tools or searching the website for storage bins, acrylic organizers, and more. You might even be adding things to your cart that you didn’t even know you needed (or wanted). With the vast array of choices at The Container Store, even the most organized person can find it a little intimidating to know what the best things are.

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Regardless of whether you live in a spacious house, studio apartment, trendy loft or walkup on the fifth floor, organizing yourself is crucial, especially at the start of the New Year and promised that we will ( again) will actually organize. Especially in a small space, it’s stressful with your stuff scattered around and it’s really amazing how much better you will feel after a few color-coordinated bins.

From drawer dividers to stackable shoe storage boxes, these 12 top-rated picks from The Container Store are sure to help keep your home organized and are far more stylish than containers you hoard in the garage.

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1. Safe and watertight clear containers

Keep your winter coats safe.

You can’t go wrong with some clear containers. According to over 300 reviewers, these weatherproof bags keep whatever you store airtight, safe, and free from unwanted pests, moisture, and dirt, which means they’ll work just fine in a garage or under your bed. The airtight and watertight seal, stackability, and variety of size options are just some of the reasons these containers maintain a 4.6 star rating. One reviewer even claimed that after a year, her Christmas laundry smelled just as fresh and clean as it did when she put them there.

Get the Clear Weathertight Totes from the Container Store for $ 8.79

2. Drawer dividers using the Marie Kondo method

Marie Kondo would be proud.

If you have a tendency to cram clothes into your already-packed drawers (guilty!) Then the Dream Drawer Organizers are for you. They perfect separate clothing in an organized way that Marie Kondo would be proud of, and reviewers rave about transforming drawings from messy to organized in an instant. Better still, the spring-loaded dividers stretch from 12 to 18 inches so they fit seamlessly into any train size.

Get the Dream Drawer Dividers from the Container Store for $ 15.99

3. Stackable boxes for your shoe collection

Perfect for sneaker heads.

More than 400 reviewers say these drop-front shoe boxes are the best solution for storing all types of shoes, from sneakers to short boots to heels. The clear boxes look clean and work in any room. This makes it easy to find your shoes. Aside from looks, they are also easily accessible, functional, and stackable for the sneaker heads out there. Reviewers claim they would also use them to store other items such as purses and belts.

Get the Large Drop Front Shoe Boxes 6-pack from the Container Store for $ 59.99

4. The perfect size multipurpose container

These containers work in any room.

If you’ve got magazines, mail, or random notes strewn around your desk, these multi-purpose bins will help keep the clutter at bay. According to more than 400 reviewers, these multi-purpose bins will work in any area of ​​your life and are great for storing supplies and books, organizing your freezer or refrigerator, and keeping your office tidy. They have two handles, a clean exterior, and four size options, which is why these containers have a 4.9 star rating on the website.

Get the multipurpose containers from the Container Store starting at $ 3.99

5. Drawer organizers for your kitchen appliances and more

You will finally be able to find this spatula.

Tired of searching for kitchen utensils, craft supplies, or toiletries in overcrowded drawers? These deep drawer organizers are the perfect solution. Called “simple and effective” by reviewers, they fit neatly in most drawers and can be used to organize your kitchen, medicine cabinet, cleaning cabinet, bathroom, and pantry. The versatility, the variety of sizes and the high quality only add to their attractiveness. Critics also say they make great makeup storage options too.

Get the IDesign Linus Deep Drawer Organizers from the Container Store for $ 4.49 to $ 7.49

6. Storage cubes that are also environmentally friendly

These cubes add a nice texture to any room.

With over 200 5-star reviews and a 4.8-star rating, people love these storage cubes. They will definitely help reduce clutter while adding value to any living space. Reviewers claim that they are perfect for any room, can be used for any household purpose, and are well made without being too expensive. The storage cubes made from water hyacinths are also environmentally friendly and easy to pull out thanks to the integrated handles.

Get the Water Hyacinth Storage Cubes with Handles in the Container Store starting at $ 14.99

7. An elegant way to store your makeup

Makeup has never been so well organized - or easy to find.

Made from a beautiful acrylic material, these makeup trays and drawers are an excellent solution for aesthetically organizing makeup, skin care or jewelry. Not only do the drawers and trays look elegant on vanities and bathrooms, but they also offer plenty of storage space and can be easily stacked so that they can be adapted to your space. A reviewer uses it on his desk to hold pens, pens, adhesive pads, and other office supplies.

Get the Luxe Acrylic Modular Makeup System from the Container Store starting at $ 6.39

8. A mesh organizer with two drawers for storage anywhere

Looks good stacked or alone.

According to 150+ reviewers, this white organizer works with two drawers under the sink, on the counter, or in the medicine cabinet to keep things incredibly organized. At just $ 25, it’s inexpensive, and according to reviewers, it can fit into small spaces while storing a wide variety of items. Each drawer also pulls out completely for use as a storage space on its own.

Get the White 2-Drawer Mesh Organizer from the Container Store for $ 24.99

9. Freezer and refrigerator safe storage containers

Organize all of your snacks.

When you are tired of looking at a clutter of products, spices, and beverages in your refrigerator, these containers are your ultimate solution. They’re made of clear plastic so you don’t have to rummage through your fridge late at night for a snack. According to reviewers, they can also be used in your pantry, spice cabinet, or freezer, which makes them incredibly versatile.

Get the IDesign Linus Pantry Bins from USD 12.99 in the Container Store

10. Smoke colored multipurpose containers for polished office storage

Add a smoky haze to your typical containers.

These multi-purpose storage bins ensure that all office spaces are tidied up without the thicker containers becoming bulky. With 350+ 5-star ratings and a 4.9-star rating, reviewers can maximize the space for storing anything from office supplies to magazines to frozen goods. One reviewer loves it so much that he even called it “the best buy of the year”.

Get the Smoke Multi-Purpose Bin from the Container Store starting at $ 3.99

11. Stackable accessory boxes for jewelry and more

For your jewels and more.

How do you store your accessories? In the boxes they came in, or is your jewelry tangled in a giant knot? If you’ve answered the latter, you might want these accessory boxes. The visibility, durable plastic, and general usefulness of these boxes have earned them a 4.9 star rating. These small, stackable boxes are just the right size to store things like scarves, belts, jewelry, hosiery, gloves, craft supplies, nail polish, and more. They’re also reasonably priced at $ 2 and are also used as gift boxes by reviewers.

Get the Our Accessory Box from the Container Store for $ 1.99

12. Storage boxes that claim to be unbreakable

Easy storage is a must.

These plastic storage boxes are temperature resistant, very robust and can be used to store anything you might need, especially in an attic or basement. They have a 4.8 star rating out of 400+ reviews thanks to their quality and affordable price. The unbreakable polypropylene material it is made of allows both visibility and stackability and can be stored practically anywhere.

Get the Clear Plastic Storage Boxes from the Container Store starting at $ 1.99

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