Tesla Boosts In-house Services With Collision Repairs

Tesla now offers a much wider range of collision repairs for its electric vehicles.

The move to offer more repairs at Tesla Service Centers will be a relief for electric car owners who have long complained about the sometimes slow work of third-party companies.

However, it took a while when Tesla CEO Elon Musk first announced the plan three years ago.

In a message to customers watched by CNBC, the company said it is now able to sort out everything from dents and scratches to more complex issues like suspension and axle damage.

Tesla currently has 140 service centers across North America and plans to open nearly 50 more by July this year.

As CNBC states in its report, the new service should give Tesla a boost in sales as global sales continue to grow and more vehicles lose their limited-time warranty protection.

The automaker’s message to its customers stated that its in-house service team can now fix “minor dents, scratches and more” at your local Tesla Service Center as an alternative to body shop. Our streamlined repair flow allows for a quick and seamless experience when you need it most. “

It added, “Collision repair services can include: suspension and axle damage, front and rear bumpers, hoods, hatchbacks and side mirror caps, and doors, wheels and all glass repairs.”

To make an appointment, customers must select the “Collision and Glass Repair” option in the Service menu in the Tesla app. The customer can then follow the work through step-by-step app notifications.

The news of increased in-house repair service came at the same time as Tesla unveiled an updated version of the Model S and Model X with many new features designed to attract new buyers, including a spaceship-like steering wheel and a second row of touchscreen infotainment screens.

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