STM Myth Backpack Gets Stealthy, Classy New Black Look

STM has updated the best backpack I have ever used, the STM Mythos, with a new color. I spoke to the company about the new model during CES 2021 and then had the opportunity to see the bag in person, and it doesn’t disappoint. The new Black Myth is far more subtle than the glorious Windsor Wine version I’ve used before, but through clever use of materials it still manages to rise above another black bag.

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What has changed? Outside of color, nothing makes that big a difference, but that’s a good thing. The backpack has a capacity of 18 liters, making it big enough to hold a 15-inch or 16-inch laptop, according to the company. It allows my 14-inch Huawei MateBook Pro to be stowed away easily and still leaves a lot of space on both sides of the case in the main pocket. This area is suspended in the backpack so that the laptop remains protected even if you drop the bag.

Other inside pockets held my 11-inch Apple iPad Pro in the Magic Keyboard sleeve, my phone, a pair of Sennheiser Momentum Wireless 3 headphones and a water bottle with plenty of room for other things. There is a larger 28 liter version if you really want more space.

There are two outside zippered pockets, one with a soft lining for your phone or sunglasses. There are no locks or anti-theft devices while the lower pocket zipper is recessed.

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Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

stm myth backpack black news laptop

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Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

The main zipper goes around the bag and you have to open most of it to go deep inside the bag. However, since there are no hidden areas, you will have a complete overview when the process is complete.

About the black color: the bag is made of two different materials that either look matte or glossy, and looks elegant and classy. It’s also not a solid black as the main panels have a brushed texture so it looks almost like the material used on some suits. While black bags can be more faceless, the new myth has character and the design goes well with most outfits.

Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

Why did I call the STM Myth the best backpack I have used? It’s not the amount of things I can fit in or the ease with which they can be seen, it’s about comfort. The thick straps are firmly padded, the back of the bag has a neat curve and the padding improves the lumbar support. In addition, the shoulder area extends out of the body. All of this means that the pack is suitable for long periods of wear without fatigue or too much sweat. It doesn’t “hang” on my shoulders, although it is best worn with both straps instead of one.

It might not look quite as flashy as the Windsor Wine version, but the stealthy style of the new black STM Myth is still very appealing, and the bag itself remains a winner. The black STM Myth is available now – the 18-liter version shown here is $ 120 and the 28-liter version is $ 140.

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