See Photos of Selena Gomez’s Kitchen From Selena + Chef

Selena Gomez spent a lot of time in her kitchen cooking a storm while filming her new HBO Max show Selena + bossHence, it is only appropriate that your space be stunning yet practical. For all we can say, her beautiful kitchen matches the increased coziness of the rest of her new home, and we just want it all. Selena’s kitchen is an ambitious yet easily accessible space and a dream come true for chefs and non-gourmets alike, because everyone can appreciate a beautiful aesthetic, right? Now let’s discuss the modern retro vibe.

Selena’s white brick wall oven, which looks like it belongs in a very fancy pizzeria, is the star of her kitchen and serves as the backdrop for many of her cooking segments on the show. While the rest of her space is quite simple, with sleek marble tops and gold fittings, the colorful details scattered throughout make her kitchen a fun place to prepare delicious meals.

From the pearly pink KitchenAid mixer and rainbow knife block to her light blue Le Creuset pots and pans, Selena’s eye-catching appliances and utensils create the perfect contrast to the vintage brick walls and glossy surfaces. Not to mention that she has displayed adorable aprons with fruits and flowers and fresh potted plants. Take a closer look at the details and honestly prepare to be really, really jealous.

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