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Roanoke: A Lost Colony of American History

Oct 6

The establishment of Roanoke Colony was a plan by Sir Walter Raleigh to founded the first permanent English colony in North America. He established the Roanoke colony in 1620, following his second expedition to explore what is today known as the Deep South. Many questions regarding the American Indian tribes remained unanswered in colonial times. Discussions on such topics as war with Indians and the possibility of trading with the Indian tribes still continued until the end of the nineteenth century.

Sir Walter Raleigh's return to England in 1815, where he brought with him many of his personal possessions can be traced back to the first official account of Roanoke Colony's founding. Included among these items were documents and letters written by Raleigh to English officials and other visitors to English-speaking Jamaica. One of these accounts, written in a letter to the Earl of Sandwich, gives background information on the lost colony of Roanoke. It describes Raleigh's efforts to determine a plan of action for the colony, and explains why Raleigh left England to go to Roanoke.

According to the legend, Raleigh traveled across the Delaware River with a small group of his men and was taken captive by Indians. He was able to trade some of his men to the Indians in exchange for safe passage back to England. From there, he used his men to find a route for the colony, arranging for supplies of food and water on the way.

While there aren't any written records that can confirm this, many stories have been passed on through generations about the lost colony of Roanoke. One of these is that after only thirty two years of being established the settlement, the settlers were assaulted by a band of Indians from the Carolina side of the river. There are many stories that are based on the notion that Raleigh was haunted at night by ghosts and that white spirits are believed to haunt the plantations.

The oldest books on Roanoke are available and are available at many libraries. However, one of the more popular sources of information is the Internet. Many websites are dedicated to the development and history of Roanoke. Websites like this are a good source of information about the lost colony of Roanoke.

Although there are a lot of colorful stories in the books of the past about Roanoke, very few offer specific and precise information about the events that took place there. This is due to the fact that Roanoke was not a major settlement and had a very limited infrastructure. These accounts can all be researched on your own and, depending on the period you are interested in, you can use your own research to verify these stories. For historical events However, it may be beneficial to utilize the numerous resources available online.