Retired NFL Star Marshawn Lynch Joins Celebrity Weed Game With Dodi Brand Blunts

Marshawn “Money” Lynch expands its business empire.

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Willie Nelson has one. Whoopi Goldberg and Snoop Dogg too. Tommy Chong is in the game with Chong’s Choice Weed, a challenger to Jay-Z’s Monogram brand. You can now add Dodi Blunts to your cannabis shopping list.

That’s the business of the retired NFL, who are bringing back Marshawn Lynch, the most recent entry into a rapidly legalizing and prominent marijuana market.

“Dodi has always been a part of my life,” he says. “When I wanted a marijuana company, I wanted to make sure I got it right.”

The company’s first product, Zkittles Blunts, will go on sale in pharmacies in the Bay Area next month. It’s made from an organically grown marijuana strain curated by Lynch and his friends, and comes rolled in palm leaf packaging, his preferred smoking method.

Dodi is the latest deal for Lynch, who is out of the NFL for the third time since the 2019 season. Other companies include Beast Mode Apparel, a lifestyle and apparel brand that he launched in 2014, the week before the Seattle Seahawks’ Super Bowl performance against the New England Patriots. He grabbed the spotlight by repeating 29 times in a row at a press conference before leaving the stage, “I’m only here so I won’t be fined” after officially fulfilling his media obligations.

Lynch owns 100% of the Dodi Blunts. The Canadian company 2nd and Goal provides infrastructure and operational support. Lynch says he’s more of the “street team and the lab rat” to find the perfect strain. Jeff Goldenberg, who acts as the brand’s general manager and makes sure Dodi complies with the highly regulated cannabis market in California, says they already have close relationships with many pharmacies and will be available in 24. Other products as well as clothing and accessories will follow. Dodi is targeting gross sales of up to $ 10 million in the first 12 months.

Legal weeds in North America have been booming in recent years, and Canada became the first country to fully legalize recreational use in 2018. Leisure revenue was $ 1.4 billion in 2015 and is expected to increase more than tenfold in North America this year. Mexico is expected to be fully legalized in the coming months. Currently, 15 states allow adult personal use and 29 are on board for medical purposes.

Marshawn Lynch tries the Dodi product.

Lynch tries the Dodi product.

Dodi blunts

Lynch broke into the national landscape 10 years ago with his epic touchdown “Beast Quake” that brought a Seahawks playoff win over time and sparked a fan celebration that was recorded on a nearby seismograph. The fans loved the Skittles-loving all-pro who avoided the media and talked about “chickens”, aka money, and “sahib” or a friend.

The 34-year-old says he was pampered for having the “best dodi” in California but has passed on previous opportunities to get into the weed business. I also said, “I would have had some complications with my employer.” The running back, who has earned a salary of $ 57 million since his draft in 2007, has no plans to return to the field but is not closing the door completely. “Don’t twist it though – if the situation got right and a Super Bowl was within reach, your boy could still get in and run over a few people,” he says.

He’s not the first athlete to join the marijuana gold rush. Former NFL player Ricky Williams and retired NBA players John Salley and Al Harrington all started cannabis companies. Harrington invested $ 6 million of his money and raised another $ 26 million for licensed wholesaler Viola, named after his grandmother, who had glaucoma and found relief from cannabis remedies. Harrington tells Forbes he anticipates sales of over $ 30 million for viola in 2021.

Lynch turned his business around with Beast Mode Apparel during the pandemic and became the first professional athlete to partner with licensed merchandise giant Fanatics to run a stand-alone direct-to-consumer business. The brand’s stationary locations in Oakland and Seattle had to close when Covid arrived. So Lynch opened a mobile store for the delivery of goods in Seattle and has a new store in Oakland in a building he owns when conditions allow. Another location is on Mandalay Bay near the Las Vegas Raiders home, Allegiant Stadium.

Lynch started Beast Mode Marketing last month as a division of his longtime sports agency Wasserman. Lynch founded the company to partner with Alabama, which is bringing back Najee Harris, who ESPN’s Mel Kiper expects to be the first to return from the draft board (Wasserman will represent Harris on his contracts locally). The Oakland area natives have known each other since Harris was in high school, and Lynch says he wanted to return the bruise that has drawn comparisons to Lynch since high school, “some inside gaming.” Lynch wants to attract more players to its marketing offshoot.

After his last NFL game, a playoff loss by the Seahawks to the Green Bay Packers in January 2020, he gave fans a taste of his off-field advice to NFL players. “This is a vulnerable time for a lot of these young guys, do you feel me? You’re not taking proper care of your chicken … So while you’re at it, take care of your body, take care of your chicken, take care of your thoughts. Because we can’t hold out that long, ”he said. He quickly grabbed the viral clip, released a “Take Care of Yo ‘Chicken” shirt, and stamped the set.

Another company, Beast Mode Productions, has six active projects, including contracts for an animated show on FX, a limited series with ABC, and a sitcom with 20th Century Studios. The company also handles the production of all of Lynch’s commercial promotional shoots. The Beast Mode companies are expected to gross $ 5 to $ 7 million outside of Dodi, Endorsements, and other ventures in 2021.

He has also built a portfolio of holdings including cash investments and sweat capital in esports, recreational beverages, spirits, mobility and sports teams (sub-football leagues IFL and FCFL). Most offers have a component that goes to his Fam 1st Family Foundation to help underserved youth.

Marshawn won’t be on the Super Bowl field on Sunday, but he’ll still be part of the day as a narrator in a star-studded Frito-Lay commercial called “Twas the Night Before Super Bowl.” Other active advertising partners include Subway, Microsoft, Sports Betting Dime, Zagg and EA Sports, which are making an estimated annual profit of $ 2 million.

Lynch says he’s just starting out on the field. Next up is the Beast Mode Ventures venture fund for athletes and entertainers with the aim of raising $ 100 million by the second quarter of this year. The aim is to invest in Series B / C and to harness the influence of Marshawn and the members of the Fund. The “Beast Mode Experience” is coming to Las Vegas in the second half of 2021, where fans will gather in Sin City for a weekend to discuss everything, which Marshawn adds, “There are no limits to things to be conquered, I want to do. “

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