Razer Debuts Naga X Gaming Mouse for MMO Gamers

Razer expands its family of gaming mice with the introduction of the new Razer Naga X, which is now the lightest mouse in the Naga range. The Naga X’s lightweight design and rugged customizations make it ideal for MMO gamers, the company said. If you’re already playing on Razer’s laptop ecosystem, the Naga X’s Chroma RGB lighting is a nice addition to your existing setup.

The Naga X has 16 keys in a lightweight 85 gram design. As with the original Naga, it looks like gamers won’t be able to adjust the weight of this model, but a series of programmable buttons on the side of the Naga X make it easy to map to key game keys. Razer’s HyperShift allows you to double the number of inputs with a secondary button profile when the HyperShift button is held down. Players can use Razer’s Synapse 3 to map the buttons on the Naga X. There is also built-in memory so you can store all of your presets in the mouse.

In total, you get nine action buttons, plus three different assignable buttons on the side.

“Each button can be assigned basic functions such as casting spells for more advanced functions, such as macros that combine multiple command buttons at once,” the company said, noting that the Naga X was “made to be ambushed.”

At the top, you get the traditional left and right mouse buttons, an autorun scroller, two zoom controllers to zoom in and out, and a button to increase the DPI to adjust the Naga X’s sensitivity. The buttons use Razer’s second generation optical mouse switch design for better tactile feedback. The infrared light has a fast response time of 0.2 ms. The Naga X also uses Razer’s advanced 5G optical sensor for 99.4% accurate tracking.

Other features of the Naga X include PTFE feet for a smooth glide on any surface, as well as a braided Speedflex cable that is designed for minimal drag when playing fast-paced, action-packed titles.

According to Razer, the Naga X is ergonomically designed for players with medium to large hands. The total package is designed for those who prefer palm or claw grips. If you’re not sure about your hand size, Razer has a handy guide that shows you how to measure your hand to find the perfect mouse for your needs, depending on the type of games you typically play.

Razer’s Naga X is shipping now, and right-handed MMO players can pick one up from the company’s online store for $ 79 – this mouse isn’t left-handed.

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