Paige Spiranac Discusses Golf, Tech, and Her Podcast

Golf and technology are usually not a pairing that we hear together. But from simulators to health and wellness tracking, the sport is connected more than ever. In fact, new technology opens many doors for sport. For example, with simulators, you can “play fantastic golf courses all year round,” says Paige Spiranac. This is especially attractive to people who do not live in places like Arizona, where the weather is golfing year round.

Ariana Escalante and Andre Stone, hosts of Digital Trends’ CES Experience Center, spoke to Spiranac – a golfer, podcaster, and influencer – about their mission to make a positive impact on the world.

Part of what sets Spiranac apart is their expert use of social media. And the key to a successful social media platform? “Authenticity,” she says without hesitation. “This is the first thing I tell someone. I’ve built such a loyal and dedicated following because I was so open and honest. I work with companies that fit my brand and I never do anything that isn’t me. “

“Social media is a highlight,” continues Spiranac. “So I try to show when I completely fail and fell on my face. I think a lot of people are referring to it. “It’s all part of her authenticity, and while she pushes the boundaries of the traditional golf establishment, she also brings with her an audience that without her might never have been interested in golf.

Spiranac also hosts the iHeart radio podcast, Paying A Round, which she has been doing for over a year. “It’s a lot harder than you think,” she laughs. “I felt so comfortable on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, but doing a podcast is so different from any other content I’ve done before.” Without a video component in particular, the content you create on a podcast has to be inherently compelling, she says, adding that “it all boils down to just being open and honest,” she says.

And who would be your dream guest? “I played golf with Justin Timberlake,” she says. “He would be really great on the podcast. Or (former One Direction singer) Niall Horan – a mega superstar. And while I know these people, it’s different to include them on the podcast. I do not want to be forceful! “

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