Nissan Has a Cool Idea to Make Remote Working Truly Remote

Forget about work from home. How about working from anywhere?

With the ongoing pandemic causing millions of people around the world to set up a home office, it appears that Nissan has caught wind that commuting from the bedroom to the next door every day isn’t for everyone.

The Japanese automaker created the super cool NV350 Caravan Office Pod (above) that allows you to take your workspace with you wherever you go.

The most noticeable design feature is the ability to slide the entire office – complete with desk and luxurious Herman Miller Cosm chair – out of the back of the van. Perfect if you pull up in a quiet place in the country. Simply press the button in the associated smartphone app and the vehicle gently eases your work area into nature.

Of course, you can always work in the van if the immediate area isn’t suitable for outdoor setting, and if you’re in a busy area with distractions, you can simply lower the electric blinds for better concentration.

A built-in coffee station is also part of the package, as is a roof balcony, which is accessible via an internal staircase and is equipped with a comfortable deck chair for relaxing lunch breaks or a nap after work.

Possible disadvantages? A request from a curious bear or creature could prove a challenge, especially if you only notice it when it peeks out from behind your computer screen. Sudden downpours can also be an obstacle. However, if you remember to open the associated shade / umbrella before starting work, you should avoid mishaps caused by the weather.

Also, the design doesn’t include a bathroom, so if there aren’t any facilities around, you’ll have to go easy on the coffee (unless you’re cool going behind a tree).

Unfortunately, the NV350 is just a concept design right now. If the idea of ​​adding a steering wheel to your office sounds appealing, drop Nissan a message now and ask them to hurry up and make it happen.

If you’re still working at home and your setup needs a revision, Digital Trends has plenty of ideas that could help.

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