Neworld, Inc.: Kitchen Scissors ZANMAI, a Fusion of Japanese SAMURAI Sword and High-end Kitchen Knife Technology, Launched on Indiegogo

TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE) – Neworld, Inc., a Japanese start-up company with the vision of “Make Japan brand No.1”, and Marusho Kogyo Co Ltd., manufacturer of cutlery in Seki, a city with over 700 years of tradition, have in common planned a campaign on Indiegogo.

The “ZANMAI Tactical Scissors”, Damascus steel kitchen scissors incorporating the technology of high-quality kitchen knives, are available at Indiegogo for a limited time until February 28, 2021.

Overview of the ZANMAI brand

The “ZANMAI” brand was born in Seki City, a city of knives in Gifu Prefecture, one of the three largest knife production regions in the world.

The word “ZANMAI” originally means “immersion in Buddhist terminology,” and the kitchen knife brand “ZANMAI” was born out of a desire for users to become immersed in cooking.

Seki is one of the leading production centers for Japanese SAMURAI swords and the best embodiment of the concept “perfect sharpness, no locking, no bending”. The sword’s traditional ability, which is exemplary for its excellent sharpness, is also evident in “ZANMAI”.

As a new challenge, the “ZANMAI Tactical Scissors” kitchen scissors were developed, using all the techniques for making Japanese SAMURAI swords, which last over 700 years, and state-of-the-art kitchen knives.

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The quality of the ZANMAI Tactical Scissors

Damascus steel, which has a characteristic laminate pattern, is a stainless steel material that is also used for high-quality kitchen knives. The 67-layer pattern created by repetitive stacking makes it rust-resistant and has excellent durability. Ingredients that are difficult to cut, such as meat with tendons, hard vegetables and hard-shell lobsters, can easily be cut with a knife-like sharpness. This will shorten the preparation time for cooking.

The most important thing in cooking is hygiene. Especially after washing, there is still bacteria on the screw on the scissors. However, these scissors are separable by each blade, so you don’t have to worry about unwashed parts or rust.

Indiegogo campaign overview


Release period: January 20, 2021 – February 28, 2021

Reward: Up to 39% DISCOUNT

Product overview

ZANMAI tactical scissors

Weight: 102 g

Length: 7.87 inches / blade: 2.95 inches (200mm / blade: 75mm)

Blade material: Damascus steel (core: VG-10)

Handle material: resin (black)

about us

Our vision: to make Japan the No. 1 brand

Neworld inc. is a start-up with the goal of making Japanese brands number 1 in the world. Starting with the operation of the EC location “CRAFT STORE” for everyone who loves Japan, we will make further progress together with Japanese manufacturing companies. And it is our mission to bring Japanese products to the world with wonderful traditions and unique technologies.


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