Missharvey Talks Gaming and Inclusivity in E-sports

Missharvey has helped make the world of esports and gaming more competitive, progressive and inclusive. She is also a video game developer, professional gamer with five Counter Strike World Championships, and responsible for esports franchise development and public relations for Counter Logic Gaming. Andre Stone and Ariana Escalante spoke to Missharvey about Digital Trends’ coverage of CES 2021 to alert them to the growing relationship between CES and gaming.

“I think with everything that happened in 2020, esports is currently at a very interesting crossroads,” she says. “But I know one thing for sure: We will continue to grow and our industry is only just beginning. It’s like we’re in our teenage years. So I’m very excited about the future. “

Looking ahead, Missharvey, real name Stephanie Harvey, has a few things on her bucket list regarding her own dream game setup. “I’m a big fan of houses,” she says. “I studied architecture, so it would be something that techno house gaming offers! For example my entire studio lights up here, so it would look like I was moving from room to room, the lights would follow me. Something seamless. “

For things that every gamer should own, Missharvey shines itself on. “I know we are talking about esports, but everyday people should have quality monitors to strain their eyes and stay healthy,” she said. “They shouldn’t be called ‘gaming monitors’, just ‘monitors’ as they are very beneficial to your health.” A good chair is also important. “Don’t play on a kitchen chair,” she laughs. “You will break your back, your neck – your whole body will hurt. It all starts with being a healthy player. “

Missharvey is not only interested in general advice, however. In her role at Counter Logic Gaming, she puts her ideas into practice. Through initiatives and charity campaigns, she gives back in every possible way and expands the representation of women, colored people and LQBTQ + players in esports. “For me it was never about clout; It was never about likes and followers, ”she said. “For me it was always about giving back and changing something, and that’s why I took it on [this] Role.”

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