Minecraft Earth Shutting Down Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

Mojang Studios are discontinuing their AR mobile game Minecraft Earth in June. The developer cites the COVID-19 pandemic as the main reason for the decision.

Released in 2019, Minecraft Earth is a mobile game similar to Pokémon Go. The game has an extensive multiplayer component that encourages players to meet and play together in the real world.

Mojang says the game will end on June 30th. All player data will be deleted on July 1st and players will no longer be able to download or access the app. The shutdown is related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which has turned the studio’s planned plans for social gaming upside down, according to Mojang.

Minecraft Earth will close in June 2021. Please read our full message below for details. We thank you for the support of the community!

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– Minecraft Earth (@minecraftearth) January 5, 2021

“Minecraft Earth was designed for freedom of movement and collaborative play – two things that have become nearly impossible in the current global situation,” Mojang said in a blog post.

Every player who has made an in-game purchase will receive a free copy of Minecraft’s bedrock version. Players who bought rubies in the mobile game have converted their balance into Minecoins that can be used in the Minecraft marketplace. Players will not receive refunds for in-game purchases.

In order to submit the game, Mojang released one final update for the game today. The update removes paid microtransactions from the game, reduces the cost of rubies and makes it much easier to craft. Mojang hopes the update will encourage players to develop more in the game “while staying safe indoors”.

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