Microsoft Edge gets big Update with History and Tab Sync

Microsoft’s new Chromium-based Edge browser is getting one of the biggest updates since its beta launch last year. Version 88 of the browser finally supports cross-device synchronization of history and tabs, as well as some new topics and a password generator.

The new support for syncing tabs and history data, which has long been available in Google Chrome, is designed to make it easier to move web browsing in Edge between different Windows PCs, Macs, and phones. You can do this by going to the Edge Settings, selecting Profile, selecting Sync and turning on the appropriate switches. You can also view your history and open tabs by selecting History from the menu.

Elsewhere, the latest Edge version brings a new password generator. Edge now offers a secure way to protect your accounts from various retailers while shopping, when you change an existing password or sign up for a new account. To test the functionality, you must be signed in with a Microsoft account and set up synchronization.

Edge 88 goes beyond just syncing and securing passwords. In times when many tabs are open, you’ll be happy to know that Edge now has your back. According to Microsoft, a new Edge feature called “Sleeping Tabs” will increase the performance of your browser. When multiple tabs are open, Edge releases system resources from inactive tabs to power new tabs and other applications.

Visually, you may also notice that the latest version of Edge has had a makeover in some areas. To better align the browser with the Windows 10 Fluent Design language, several icons have been changed to create a rounder and smoother look. The new icons look more consistent when you view menu items at a glance.

The new icons go well with several new themes that can be downloaded online. From Halo and Forza to Microsoft Flight Simulator, the browser themes are consistent with Microsoft’s products.

Other features of Edge include sidebar search, which allows you to search the web without leaving the page. It also introduces the ability to view incoming email directly from the new tab in Edge, eliminating the click of visiting your inbox. However, you need to be signed in to the same account you use with Outlook and Edge to see the feature.

You can download the latest version of Edge by clicking the three dots in the top right corner of the screen and then scrolling down to Settings. From there, you can click About Microsoft Edge and download the update. When it’s done, just restart the browser.

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