Manage Your Smart Lights with Philips Hue’s Module

Everyone with a smart light has this one problem: if you turn off the wall switch, your light will be unusable. Smart lights can turn on and off by themselves. However, if they rely on a source of power from a wall switch, a well-meaning friend or family member can flip the switch and throw all of your routines off balance.

Philips Hue offers a solution through the Philips Hue wall switch module. This module fits behind an existing wall plate and lasts up to five years. You can use your smart lights even when the switch has been flipped and you can also activate your favorite scenes directly from the module. The wall switch module will be available in the summer of 2021 for $ 40 for a single module or $ 70 for a two-pack.

It should be noted that this wall switch module does not turn normal lights into smart lights. It only works to keep your Philips Hue lights connected even after the power has been turned off. It works in conjunction with an existing system.

Philips Hue also announced the Amaranth, a light bar for outdoor use with a maximum brightness of 1400 lumens. You have the option of creating atmospheric ambient lighting on your balcony, terrace, veranda and in any other place you can imagine. The light bar is 31 inches long and fits easily on walls or under the roof of your porch to add to the mood.

The Philips Hue Amaranth will hit the US market in March 2021 at a price of $ 170. A Hue power supply is required, which can be purchased separately.

Philips also made another surprising announcement: an upgrade to the current Philips Hue Dimmer Switch, which includes a removable wall plate. This way, visitors to your home can control the lights without the need for an app. This is not a wall switch. The new dimmer switch can be attached to almost any wall with adhesive. It is not a permanent installation and can be removed with relative ease.

The Hue Dimmer Switch will have a slightly reduced price compared to the original model, which is around $ 25 and hits the market on February 23.

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