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LGBT Books – The Gender Games: The Problem With Men and Women, By Someone Who Was Both – Juno Dawson

Two streets

€ 10.99

And another Juno Dawson – just not a novel this time. This time around, Juno tells her own story of transition and brings in some brilliant other voices for thought.

The blurb: Gender doesn’t just kill trans people, it messes everyone up. From little girls who think they can’t be doctors to teenagers who expect harassment on the street. From marginalizing feminists to “alt-right” young men. From men who can’t cry to women who think they shouldn’t cry. As her body and mind harmonize, Juno tells not just her own story, but the story of everyone who is shaped by societal expectations of gender – and what we can do about it. With insights from well-known gender, feminist and trans activists such as Rebecca Root, Laura Bates, Gemma Cairney, Anthony Anaxagorou, Hannah Witton, Alaska Thunderfuck and many more, The Gender Games is an open, funny and powerful manifesto for a world in which everyone can really be themselves.

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