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Learn To Sew, One of the Most Useful Skills We Can Teach Our Kids

Sep 1

The ability to sew is a skill that has been around for centuries, but today is not as widely used. Sewing skills can be very useful in many careers and hobbies such as fashion design, sewing clothes or quilts, crafting with fabric and more! In this blog post we will discuss the benefits of teaching children how to sew, what materials you need to get started and how your kids can start sewing today!

Sewing Basics

Some basics you will want to cover with your child include:

  • Choosing sewing machine
  • Parts of a sewing machine (needle, threader)
  • Basic stitches (straight stitch, zigzag stitch)
  • Threading the needle/machine

Careers & Hobbies that use Sewing

Sewing is a useful skill for many careers and hobbies. Some career fields where sewing skills may be beneficial are fashion design, needlework, costuming, quilting and more! Sewing can also help children learn about patience and how to take their time when they're working on something.

Getting Your Child Started with Sewing

If you want your child to learn how to sew to learn sewing skills, you can start by giving them a simple sewing kit with some basic supplies. For example, a small toy that could be sewn back together or maybe use scraps of fabric to make their own doll clothes. Your child will enjoy the project more if they are able to see it come together and see the end result.

If you would like them to get started quickly, there are online tutorials on what kind of project is best for beginners and where they should start off at. A good place to get inspiration is Pinterest, or YouTube.

Now, let's learn more about sewing classes and what you can do to teach your kids how to sew at home!

Aside from a basic hand-sewing kit, the first thing that we need is a sewing machine. As of right now, there are many types of sewing machines available on the market, from basic bargain sewing machines to professional computerized sewing machines.

If you've never used a sewing machine before, or if it's been a while since you last touched one, then the best thing to do is start off with something that isn't too advanced and won't break the bank. This will allow your child to get comfortable using the sewing machine without having to worry about any expensive mistakes.

A great sewing machine for beginners is the Janome HD1000 because it has a simple design and easy-to-use stitch selector.

The next thing to do after picking out your beginner sewing machine is to purchase some fabric, thread, needles, bobbins, scissors and thimbles of different sizes that will fit your child. Your child will have a fun time picking out fabric and thread, but it's important to keep safety in mind.

When sewing with a machine for the first time, your child will need to understand how a sewing machine works. It will be a good idea to let them get used to operating the foot pedal and feeding fabric without a needle or thread in place. Let them know that the foot pedal controls the speed of the sewing machine.

It is important to stay close by while your child practices because they may have a little trouble getting used to operating their new sewing machine and stitching straight lines can be difficult. It will be helpful for you, as an adult, to guide them through any difficulties they might encounter.

They should also understand how the feed dog pushes fabric along, which will allow them to better control the sewing machine when it's time to move onto using real needle and thread.

Parenting Tip: Sewing is a wonderful skill for children to learn and it can be done independently with relative ease by using an adult's hands-on guidance as they practice their skills. It also helps teach many life lessons such as patience, coordination, responsibility and follow-through.

Some simple beginner projects include common sewing tasks such as hemming pants, inserting zippers into jackets and bags, or fixing buttons.

Pro Tip: Use a light cotton fabric to teach kids how to sew on their own such as muslin or flannel. It's easier than using heavier fabrics like denim when starting out because it will be more forgiving if they accidentally make a mistake.

Follow these basics and you will be well on your way to teaching your child one of the most useful practical skills they can have.

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