KOHLER Expands Smart Home Collection at CES 2021, Emphasizes Wellbeing and Touchless Experiences for Kitchen and Bath

As millions of people around the world spend more time at home, they yearn for balance and seek a way out of the stress and anxiety of everyday life. The potential of technology to create more moments of wellbeing and facilitate relaxation, undressing and finding peace is a driving force behind Kohler’s continued investment and product development in smart home technology.

“As we build our leadership position in smart home innovation, our products enable consumers to take advantage of touchless and connected experiences without making their spaces cluttered or complex,” he said David Kohler, President and CEO of Kohler Co. “We believe there is a delicate balance when it comes to technology in the home – and we will continue to provide groundbreaking opportunities for seamless control in the bathroom and kitchen for a friendly life and wellbeing . ”

Kohler presents new additions to its smart home portfolio during virtual CES 2021, including:

Silent bath: This adventure bath was inspired by the Japanese forest bath or Shinrin-Yoku. Water, light, mist and aromas merge into an intense journey of the senses that is intended to relax the mind, calm the body and renew the mind. The Stillness Bath transforms the bathroom into a spa-like environment for calm mindfulness and provides a haven for self-care and wellbeing. It starts with water filling from the bottom of the bath and flowing into the Hinoki wooden container to create a soothing sound. Full spectrum lighting surrounds the bathroom, sets the mood and creates a chromatherapy experience. Fog then envelops the surface of the still bath and lets the bather immerse into a feeling of deep relaxation. Finally, essential oils can be added to the experience tower of the bath, which gently release invigorating aromas to stimulate the senses and promote focus.

Innate Smart Toilet: Innate is the latest addition to Kohler’s portfolio of smart products. The Innate has all of the comfort, convenience, and cleanliness that people have come to expect from Kohler’s wide range of smart toilets at a lower price. The Innate includes a heated seat, automatic opening and closing, an intuitive remote control and a personal bidet function. With many homeowners looking for more DIY projects, Innate Kohlers offers easy, ready-to-lock installation.

Contactless bathroom fitting for private households: The contactless bathroom fitting offers hands-free activation for washing hands, brushing teeth and other daily tasks. The ability to wash your hands at the end of the bathroom without touching the faucet handles reduces the potential for bacteria and germs to spread in the room. Kohler is launching an integrated faucet with embedded sensors as well as a remote puck that enables a retrofit solution for every KOHLER single-control bathroom fitting.

Partnership between Kohler and Phyn: Kohler will launch two co-branding products with Phyn in 2021 – the KOHLER Whole Home Water Monitor Powered by Phyn – a DIY unit and a Pro version with automatic shutdown. These products represent an evolution of the company’s focus on water safety and security. Both products utilize Phyn’s patented, high resolution pressure wave analysis to monitor water flow, to notify a homeowner instantly if a leak is detected anywhere in the home and around Get detailed insight into how each device is using water. The DIY version mounts under a single sink and can be easily installed by a homeowner. The Pro version is installed on a water pipe inside or outside the house and can reduce costly damage with an automatic water switch-off.

Kohler has always focused on improving its solutions for the benefit of the consumer and has expanded several smart home technologies that include new features:

  • The brand collection of voice-activated and contactless kitchen fittings from KOHLER Konnect now offers a “handwash” command that guides consumers through the recommended steps to wash their hands properly, activates the water for wetting and rinsing, and audible instructions for lathering and cleaning.
  • Kohler Power launches the first voice function with which homeowners can access and activate functions of their standby generators using simple voice commands. Individuals can check their KOHLER generator anytime, anywhere using smart devices. This easy access ensures a home is running at its best and gives you peace of mind when homeowners are away.

Kohler will continue to share new product innovations and industry leadership with the launch of its first two-day digital event. [email protected], February 2nd and 3 February. Further event information and registrations can be found at Kohler.com/AtHome.

Further information on smart home products is available at www.kohler.com/smarthome or from Kohler at 1-800-4KOHLER.

About Kohler Co.
Founded in 1873 and headquartered in Kohler, WisconsinKohler Co. is one of America’s oldest and largest privately held companies, with nearly 35,000 employees. With more than 50 production sites worldwide, Kohler is a global leader in the manufacture of kitchen and bathroom products. Engines and drive systems; first class furniture, tiles and lighting; and owner / operator of two of the world’s best five star hospitality and golf resort destinations in Kohler, Wisconsin, and St. Andrews, Scotland.

As homes become more connected, Kohler is focusing on enhancing everyday moments through thoughtful design and intelligent technology. Kohler approaches smart bathroom design with the same dedication, precision, and care that has built the brand’s global presence for well over a century.

SOURCE Kohler Co.

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