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By now you should have most of your vacation shopping out of the way, right? Could be? Possibly? If you’re still looking for useful and unique gifts for a foodie, home cook, or serial hostess, we’ve got a smorgasbord of kitchen and cooking gifts under $ 25 for you there too. Oh, I almost forgot the best: all of these gifts will be still Arrive by Christmas if you order today. At least that’s what vendors said at the time of posting – availability may change, especially as the clock ticks closer to Christmas Eve. (Note that the products on Amazon require you to be an Amazon Prime member in order for the items to arrive on time.)

Deep breath. You can do it.

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Personal blenders are all the rage when it comes to making simple smoothies on the go. This Easter blender with a pop-top lid, so you can mix and match prices in purchase reviews very well, costs less than two smoothies at a fancy juice bar.


This strainer, which is attached to the side of your pasta pot, sits firmly in the “Why didn’t I think of it?” Category.


This is one of those gifts that once arrived will be hard to keep. Maybe two, just in case.


What’s the use of a bunch of beautiful citrus fruits if you can’t show them off?


Fans of the Great British Baking Show will know you need an adjustable rolling pin to get perfectly even dough, and the baker on your list will be delighted to have one.

Dunkin ‘

Do you know a dunkin addict who was turned into a Keurig person during the pandemic? These 44-pack Dunkin ‘K-Pods will make you feel normal again, if only for a few delicious sips.



A nice rustic cheese board is always in fashion. This one is perfect for small dinner parties or gatherings (so trendy) made of treated teak. If you give this away with a good wine or a piece of Manchego, you will definitely be invited again.

Wayfair has another charming version of this square-edged board for $ 20, but stock is low.


Why, what do you use to spread jam on bread?


We could all use more drawer space in the kitchen and one way to get there is by banging more things against the wall. I think it’s pretty cool when your blades are on display, as long as there aren’t too many small and handy children.


As someone who has trouble cooking rice, I would be very happy to see this little guy under the tree. It’s really adorable and only $ 23 at Best Buy.


Combine this mechanized scoop with an ice cream delivery or a monthly subscription to Jenis Splendid Ice Cream and I think it’s safe to say your fifteen will be sweet to you for a lifetime.


It’s always nice to have help opening those pesky beer bottles, especially from your friendly neighborhood mermaid. Pair this girl with a nice selection of beers for a beer drinker on your list.


OK, another one that’s over the limit, but worth it for dad, uncle, mom, or anyone who doesn’t have to choose between a stogie and a sip of alcohol the next time they leave the house. Combine this with a delicious bottle of bourbon and you’re in business.

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