Jewelry Trends for Winter – Runway Jewelry Trends

Winter means jewelry-necessary holidays, from Christmas to Valentine’s Day. But in the interest of not waiting for someone else to bestow you with bijoux, treat yourself to six of the season’s best trends. From healing crystals and heart motifs to classic watches and sparkling diamonds, these are the pieces that feel right right now—and investing in them will ensure decades of stellar taste.

Bold Gold

A gold necklace or bracelet, seen most notably on the runway of Bottega Veneta, is just the bold finishing touch for any minimalist ensemble.

Gold-Tone Necklace

Bottega Veneta


Tipi 24-Karat Gold-Plated Chain Bracelet



A bracelet that stands out.  


Oma the Label


Simple enough for everyday, while still feeling very special.

Crystal Connection

Get some jewelry that pulls double duty, as in: It looks beautiful and gives good energetic vibes.

Rose Quartz Slider Bracelet

Vanessa Baba


Rose quartz is the stone of universal love—something the whole wide world could use right now.

14-Karat Gold Amethyst Necklace

Jia Jia


Have you been on social media lately? The amethyst protects from psychic attack, transmuting the energy into love. Need we say more?

Delicate Diamonds

Diamond tennis bracelets, stacked rings, and other straightforward metal-and-stone pairings look just perfect now and forever.

Diamond Perfect Tennis Bracelet

The Last Line


Polaris Set of Four 18-Karat Gold Diamond Rings

Spinelli Kilcollin


Get the stacking work done for you.

Caviar Dreams Bracelet

Jordan Road


Classic Timepieces

As we consider the items we’re buying now more and more, a classic watch, one you can actually hand down to the next generation, feels like a timely and great investment.

Heure H 21mm Small Stainless Steel and Leather Watch

Hermès Timepieces


Pasha de Cartier Automatic 35mm 18-Karat Rose Gold and Alligator Watch



Hoop Dreams

The more innovative the hoop design, the better. Though we’re always game for a Sade-inspired model, something organic shaped, or extra bold, is a solid proposition.

Celine Camarat Hoops in Brass




This shape is a winner.

Small Vera Gold Vermeil Earrings



It hardly gets more feminine yet architectural.


A little texture goes a long way.

Heart You

The heart motif is timeless. Prove your love and wear it on your sleeve—or ear, or hand, or neck …

Heart Locket Ring

Alexander McQueen


Put whatever you please in this pretty locket.

Diamond Love Charm in Yellow Gold

Irene Neuwirth


What can make you smile more than diamonds and hearts?

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