Hyundai, Kia Say They Are Not in Talks With Apple About EV

Hyundai and Kia have said they are not discussing the development of what is known as an “Apple Car” with Apple.

In the past few weeks, there have been rumors that Hyundai and sister company Kia are discussing a possible collaboration with Apple on an electric vehicle (EV) with advanced autonomous capabilities.

But Bloomberg reported on Sunday, Feb. 7 that the companies are not in talks after the news agency received regulatory filings from the Korean automaker. The report doesn’t make it clear whether Hyundai is saying the talks are over for good, or whether it’s simply an intentionally vague message to distance itself from speculation that the companies are considering a partnership.

Sunday’s update kicked the news a few days ago, claiming Apple “cut” talks with Hyundai and Kia, possibly because of its dissatisfaction with numerous recent leaks related to its EV project, Bloomberg said.

Hyundai announced in January 2021 that there were talks with Apple about a possible partnership before the statement was quickly withdrawn. There was no explanation for his sudden reluctance to confirm discussions, but it is possible that the notoriously mysterious tech giant expressed concern to the automaker over the reveal and forced it to withdraw.

Other problems that could have brought the talks to a standstill are the question of whether the vehicle should be manufactured under the Hyundai / Kia brands or with the Apple branding. Hyundai executives have also reportedly faced various issues, including fears that assembling a vehicle for another company could hurt the brand’s reputation.

It’s not clear if talks between Apple and the Korean automakers will resume at some point in the future, but recent developments suggest that the American tech company is carefully examining its options for the future. Another report in the last few days – this one from Japan’s Nikkei news agency – claimed that Apple was in talks with up to six automakers to develop its electric vehicle.

Sources also said that instead of personal property, the tech giant’s autonomous EV would likely be used for delivery and robotaxi services, similar to those tested by autonomous vehicle specialist Waymo.

Apple has, of course, kept abreast of the rumored project, although various attitudes related to the car, as well as its well-known work on autonomous technology and the Hyundai news, suggest it is intent on getting into the auto industry one way or another although we may not see the fruits of his labor until the end of this decade.

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