How to Wear More Jewelry Daily

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to incorporate more jewelry into my everyday routine. It’s the finishing touches to any outfit, it can make you feel like you put in effort even if you really didn’t, and it’s fun! It’s the extra mile that will make you feel a tiny bit fancy when you’re working from home in sweats. Incorporating jewelry can even be sustainable since most pieces will never go out of style, with proper care, they can last a lifetime or beyond, and best of all, these pieces can be worn every day with every outfit.

We curated gorgeous staple pieces that are perfect for stacking, layering, and make a statement on their own. From fine jewelry to high-quality affordable finds, we included something for everyone. Whether you’re minimalistic or want to be dripped in gold and diamonds, incorporating jewelry into your everyday life will make you feel elevated, put-together, and fabulous! We even included some products that will keep your jewelry in mint condition.

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