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How to wear corduroy trousers

Sep 1


The retro appeal has been something that has become increasingly popular again over the past couple of years. Not only has this had an effect on hairstyles, home interiors and accessories, it’s also had a huge impact on fashion. One item that has seemed to really make its way back in are corduroy trousers.


However, if we haven’t worn them for so long, how do we know how to wear corduroy trousers? How do we pair them with current fashion trends right now? We have 3 things that will help you style corduroy trousers and make them much easier to wear when you go out and about.


Match them with a simple shirt


Corduroy trousers have their own unique texture and pattern – mixing this with another pattern can be really overwhelming. Instead, choose a plainer and simpler shirt or top, like a black t-shirt or a button-down shirt. If you really want to wear a patterned shirt with your corduroy trousers, try opting for a darker colour – this will mask the texture a little bit and allow you to pair them with something a little more extravagant.


Pick the right style for you


Just like normal jeans, there are a variety of different styles that you can choose from when it comes to corduroy trousers. If you haven’t worn corduroy trousers before, it might help for you to try on multiple different style to work out what feels and looks best. Different styles are aimed to do different things. For example, a bootcut corduroy can balance out your curves if you have an hourglass figure whereas a straight leg corduroy gives the illusion that you’re taller. Find the style that matches you best – it will make them much easier to work with.


What about in the summer?


Throughout the year, the colours you wear will change to match the season we are in. In the summer, it’s all about brighter colours like blues, lilacs and potentially baby pinks if you’re feeling brave enough. It’s better to focus on light colours as you’ll find yourself feeling much cooler. Another way to keep cool is to look into cropped corduroy trousers which are great for those warmer days.