How to Organize a Tiny Kitchen

Trying to organize serving dishes and cooking utensils in a full-size kitchen can be challenging, but trying to do so in a tiny kitchen can seem downright impossible. How can you cope with such a monumental task and bring order and calm back to the heart of your home? Amelia Meena, TJMaxx and Marshalls Organizational Expert, has the answer! Read Amelia’s 10 tips to maximize space and organize even the smallest kitchen.

1. Think about what you need

“Kitchens are a work area and no one wants to feel cramped and cluttered while preparing meals. As a first step, I suggest that customers think through the utensils / utensils they use most. It is important to think about how you will use yours Use the kitchen (like to cook? More of a baker? Or do you order most of the time?), And then you have a better idea of ​​what remains, what works and what gets out of reach. “

2. Make everyday things easily accessible

“Everyday essentials should be easily accessible. For example, take a sturdy cutting board and lean it against the wall behind the faucet. To create space on the counter, add a towel rail to a wall next to the sink to hold yours Paper towels on the wall are ready for cooking and cleaning. “

3. Remove anything that doesn’t need to be in the kitchen

“Anything outside of the kitchen should be removed and put in a convenient place. Medicines should be kept in the bathroom or in a medicine cabinet, office supplies should be kept in a desk or home office, and cleaning supplies should be kept in a dedicated cabinet or cupboard. “

4. Organize closets according to use

“Cabinets should be organized based on how often each item is used. Place glasses, plates, and bowls at eye level, heavier items like pots and pans below, and seldom-used items like baking accessories and entertaining serving dishes on the upper shelves.”

5. Divide the drawers

“Drawer dividers are great organizational tools. If you only have one drawer in your kitchen, use it for utensils, but keep the larger serving utensils in a sturdy countertop holder. Try a wide-neck ceramic vase or a decorative water jug ​​torch, finding stores like TJMaxx and Marshalls at incredible prices that won’t break the bank. “

6. Use a monochromatic color scheme

“Thanks to the color coding, even the smallest kitchens can look neat, streamlined and spacious than they are. Choose a monochromatic color scheme for your cookware and the essentials of your everyday life to create order between bulky pots and pans. From matching crockery sets to utensils. Sets, everything you need to create a chic and stylish space. “

7. Make use of the vertical space

“For smaller spaces, make sure you use all of the vertical space, including the walls and the side of the refrigerator. Attach a sleek box to the wall to use as a container for condiments, or attach a magnetic rack to yours.” Refrigerator to house all knives or baking tools. “

8. Invest in an industrial roll stand

“If you have limited work space, consider buying an industrial-style roll stand to accommodate your frequently used cookware. Look for a stand that also has a wine rack so you can easily use that piece as a stand bar, if it’s about keeping guests entertained. Stores like TJMaxx and Marshalls are great places to buy quality kitchenware at amazing prices. “

9. Debug your pantry

“Troubleshoot a cramped pantry by grouping groceries and placing them in sturdy containers. Whether it’s a clear plastic container or a thin, wired basket, getting snacks and supplies on the go has never been easier.”

10. Buy a freestanding wiring closet shelf

“A great find and an easy solution to a lack of space is to add a freestanding cable closet shelf for extra storage. This is an easy solution to adding another tier for plates and cups or even a specific space for canned food.”

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