How to clean a kitchen step-by-step for sparkling results in under an hour

The kitchen is without a doubt one of the most frequently used rooms in the house, but that doesn’t make it easy to thoroughly clean a kitchen. That is, unless you know what you’re doing and have the right tools for the job. That’s why we’re here to share our wisdom on how to properly clean a kitchen.

Whether you have a tiny galley or an open layout, the kitchen is not just where you cook – or try to cook – but household members and guests usually flock to it, bring and bring everything from groceries to trash, that can build up so quickly, we don’t know.

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How often should you clean your kitchen?

Operating the dishwasher or hand washing and wiping the countertops should be done daily if something builds up. How often you need to physically do this depends on a variety of factors. However, deep cleaning your kitchen will be easier and cooking in this space will be a pleasant rather than a hectic experience.

Of course, if you have a large family or just a toddler running around, if you work from home regularly, or if you love nothing more than cooking a storm every damn day of the week, then of course you need to spend more time cleaning your kitchen than Not. Use these daily tips to keep track of things.

Daily tips for kitchen cleaning

  • Cleaning up after every meal: The rule of thumb, it seems like a faff, but it’s so worth it.
  • Aim for an empty sink: If you make an effort to keep your sink empty at all times, your kitchen area will look instantly pristine and deep cleaning is a breeze too.
  • Take the test at eye level: Get the last crumbs by checking your countertops at eye level after you’ve cleaned them.
  • Be strategic: Always work from left to right and top to bottom. Once you’ve implemented this strategy, cleaning your space will be so airy and you won’t have to think about it anymore.
  • Cleaning over the floor: They’ll clean your floor last so that it’s okay if you collect crumbs and the like.
  • Vacuum daily: It takes five minutes and it stops staining delicate floors, which means more time to deep clean.
  • Empty your trash: Smelly garbage is also a recipe for disaster and bacteria. Don’t let it get to the point where your pocket overflows by emptying it regularly.
  • Never overfill your dishwasher: This is a star device, but if you overfill it it won’t clean properly. And who wants to wash up twice?
  • Frequently clearing the refrigerator: If you clean a refrigerator regularly, odors and unsightly food will no longer show up when you open these doors. Aim for at least monthly cleaning and gradually remove old food.
  • Clean the undermount sink: You know who we mean, and just because it’s loaded with cleaning products doesn’t mean it’s a clean room. Clean it up regularly.
  • Be minimal: Limit what you have on your countertops to keep your cooking area neat, easier to clean and also more visually appealing.
  • Label, label, label: To avoid having to organize everything over and over again every day of the week, label your herbs and spices – whether or not you have a pantry – so that tidying things up becomes a lot easier and more routine.

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How to thoroughly clean a kitchen step by step

In addition to daily cleaning, you should thoroughly clean your kitchen weekly, if not bi-weekly. Again, it depends on how much space is used and also remember that when you have a large family in tow, sharing the burden is a wise decision …

However, if you keep an eye on the quick daily chores, you will be going through the following checklist for thorough cleaning in about 45 minutes. We know dreamily.

1. Clear the decks

You can’t clean a kitchen with clutter all over the place, and while this first step takes the longest, it is also one of the most important tasks.

This is a good time to engage Melissa Makers, writer and creator of the Clean My Space, 12 o’clock method (more on that later). You start at the door and work your way around removing everything from the counters and putting dirty dishes in the dishwasher or sink to hand wash / soak.

Note that putting the cayenne pepper away to reorganize your entire herbal collection is quite tempting, but not. Organizing kitchen cabinets and all of the contents of your pantry is a separate task. Just focus on cleaning the kitchen.

Empty the trash, your compost and recycling too.

2. Start the dishwasher and start the sink

If you have everything in your dishwasher, turn it on now. If you do wash your hands, do so now and dry everything to put it away.

With a clear sink, you can start deep cleaning. If you know how to unlock a sink, now is the time to add your non-clogging detergent to make it work while you continue to work on the rest.

3. Clean your hob

If you have gas burners or a glass oven that looks dingy, scrub it down first so that burnt food debris and splatter land on the floor or on your countertops, which you will receive next.

4. Work from top to bottom

Why? You will kick yourself if you’ve never noticed that cleaning your countertops before dusting and wiping the top kitchen cabinets just means cleaning your countertops again. So start from the top with your favorite detergent and a damp microfiber cloth and work your way up to your base cabinets.

When cleaning marble, granite, or other natural stone countertops, be careful what you are using as natural products like vinegar are too acidic and can damage the finish.

5. Clean from left to right

Working from left to right is an easy way to ensure that you can do everything, including large and small appliance doors like microwaves and ovens, at once.

Dust your fridge and make sure you catch crumbs from your toaster or the bottom of your coffee maker. We’re cleaning the surface here, but if you want to devote more time to cleaning an oven later, you can start your detergents now so they have time to do their magic.

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6. Clean everything else in the room

If you have a breakfast bar or dining table in your space, it might be an open kitchen that you have – wipe the chairs and tabletop too.

7. Check everything that is left on your counter

If your meters are clean, now is the time to see exactly what you have left. Think about what you are actually using and what you actually need on the display when it’s lightning fast but still a little busy. Be ruthless here, and if the waffle iron that popped up before 3 Christmas is still collecting dust, find a new home in your closets.

8. Clean the sink

Whether it’s baking soda and vinegar or your favorite cleaning product you’ve used to clean and unlock your sink, now is the time to wipe it down. When you’re done, pour hot water into the plug hole to remove the remaining pieces. Make sure you give your faucets in and a wipe out too.

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9. Clean the kitchen floor

All of this dust and crumbs ended up on your kitchen floor. So grab your best vacuum cleaner or go old school with a broom and collect it all.

Once it’s dust-free, take your best mop – we like to use a flat head mop – and wipe the floor and clean out of the kitchen, not a corner! Make sure you consider the flooring material of your kitchen, and be careful not to use acids to clean wood-based panels and the like.

10. Put your kitchen back together

Whether you need to replace the kitchen sponge that is now in the trash can or you need to put a new liner back in the trash can, now is the time to do it.

Add clean kitchen towels, and now when you clear out your breakfast area, you can add fresh flowers or your favorite candle to lightly perfume the room. Do this now, you absolutely deserve it.

Expert tips

Melissa Maker explains her kitchen cleaning method a little more on her YouTube channel: “The reason I like to start at the door at 12 noon and find my way around the room is that I don’t miss anything.”

Martha Stewart reminds us of our cabinet handles: “Dust bunnies love exposed tops, and mill work – like the grooved fronts of shaker cabinets – is a particularly sticky area. Loosen the pulls and buttons and wash them in hot, soapy water. While you’re away, grab a cleaning toothbrush, lather it up and grab the nooks and crannies of the door. «

The essentials for cleaning your kitchen

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