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How to Choose a Platform Truck for Wholesale Goods Transport

Oct 12

If your line of work has you seeking tips for choosing the best wholesale roll container and wondering best where to purchase them, this guide is for you!

Tips for Choosing the Best Wholesale Trolley

Also known as 'cash and carry trolleys', platform trucks are highly popular with bulk wholesalers worldwide. However, you can also find them being used generally in warehousing and storage businesses.

Wherever diverse and large loads lie, like food multipacks or large electrical items, they're going to need to be moved at speed around a facility, and loaded quickly and efficiently.

At the end of the day, knowledge is power; as soon as you're educated on what purpose your wholesale trolley is best suited for, you'll be able to make a decision much easier.

What Do You Need to Move?

What are you looking to use the goods trolley for? Are you trying to move boxes of food, or heavy construction equipment? The form and weight of the objects your employees and customers will handle determine what type of goods trolley for sale you source.

Where Will You Use Your Wholesale Trolley?

The environment you're in plays an essential role in the use of goods trolleys and their type. You must consider if there is lift access to the floor, does the cash and carry trolley fit through the doors? Does it glide effortlessly through the floor space?

Your physical environment will definitely determine the dimensions and shape when looking for a goods trolley for sale – and be sure it's health and safety compliant before ordering more units in!

How Often Will You Use Your Platfrom Truck?

The final thing you should consider is just how often the wholesale trolley will be used. If its use is to transport heavy products on a daily basis, you need to ensure you invest in a durable and reliable wholesale trolley. This may likely affect the material of goods trolleys for sale you find.

RollPallet UK Cash and Carry Trolleys

RollPallet UK (RPUK) has been a leading supplier of wholesale pallet trucks since 2005. Their cash and carry retail floor and warehouse trolleys are made from high-quality steel that has been specially selected to ensure the best performance possible.

All supplied wholesale trolleys come with a rear basket, and either a metal base, or a wooden sprung plywood base -depending on your preference. They can be widely used in Cash and Carry outlets and are also used in many other industries such as garden centres.

With swivel casters and a choice of rubber or nylon wheels for enhanced steering control, your wholesale trolley will never be stuck in a tight spot on the shop floor again. RPUK's wide range of wholesale goods trolleys and platfrom trucks are all inspected prior to leaving the factory, ensuring product excellence.

Take a look at their three best-sellers in the RPUK pallet truck range to help decide which trolley suits your wholesaling business best.

Here's the three main units RPUK offer in their current cash and carry trolleysas seen at
The main variants are red, blue and wire mesh, for the ultimate in convenience, quality and value for your FMCG, retail or wholesale business.