Home inspector shares red flags to look out for in a flipped kitchen

  • House inspector Bryan Standley became TikTok famous for roasting upside down houses.
  • In his videos, Standley shows how house fins slide up and cut corners.
  • Future home buyers should look out for three red flags when inspecting a kitchen, Standley told Insider.
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35-year-old Kansas City home inspector Bryan Standley has become a TikTok sensation for roasting upside down homes.

Standley has inspected thousands of homes over the course of his career. Inspired by a friend, he came to TikTok in January 2020 to share his tips and experiences. His videos have been liked over 550,000 times at the time of writing.

In one of his most watched videos, Standley takes viewers through an unoriginal upturned kitchen, highlighting elements he sees all the time in renovated homes.

“If this isn’t every upside down house, then I don’t know what it is,” he says. “Look at this kitchen: the gray weathered wood, the type of vinyl flooring, the white subway tiles, just the simplest kind of granite or quartz, whatever type of countertops those are. And the dishwasher isn’t installed. Cheap closets. This is every time … every time. ”

TikTokers responded, comparing their own kitchens to those Standley inspected, and the similarities were eerie:

While Standley likes to point out cookie cutters in upside down homes, a lack of originality and ensuring you have the highest quality products shouldn’t be a problem for future home buyers, he told Insider.

Instead, they should focus on looking for any renovation defects that are affecting the safety and functionality of a home.

The home inspection is about making sure that “what goes in is put in well and by someone who knows what they’re doing and has experience,” he said.

Standley told Insider that there are three hidden problems he commonly finds in upside-down kitchens and shared his identification tips.

1. Bad cabinet clearance

If a cabinet looks sandwiched between devices or is installed in a corner, it may not open properly, Standley told Insider.

“The best way to look for a poorly designed cabinet package is to open and close every door and drawer,” he said. “A drawer may be blocked by the oven handle, or you may need to open the dishwasher to open the oven and open a drawer.”

Standley illustrated this process in a duet with TikToker @militaryhousingan, which he put on the Tetris theme song:

2. The dishwasher is not installed correctly

Of all kitchen appliances, Standley found the dishwasher to have the most common problems installing it.

If it just isn’t installed, the home buyer would have to make a service call to the plumber, which could cost around $ 200 depending on the location, Standley said.

If it’s installed but incorrectly, it can lead to more costly problems later.

In a video, Standley explains how dishwashers can often be hooked up to garbage disposal without removing the knockout stopper. This is an essential step in avoiding drainage problems.

“When it runs out, the hose just pops off because it hits the plug, and it makes a big mess on the newly refinished wood floors,” he said.

The best way to test the dishwasher is working is to “open the door all the way and lightly push the door,” Standley told Insider. “If it feels like the dishwasher is falling forward, it is not installed properly.”

3. There is no ventilation

Vents are an essential part of any home to allow air to flow into a room. However, according to Standley, house fins overlook these in the kitchen.

“I don’t know why, but the people who lay the gray, weathered woodgrain tiles hate cutting through air registers. They just tile right over them,” he said.

Without a vent in the room, that room will not be heated and cooled by the house’s HVAC system.

Ventilation slots can either be near the floor, on the wall or on the ceiling. As such, Standley recommends doing a thorough visual scan.

While Standley is happy to provide tips that can help future home buyers identify hidden problems in a home, his biggest recommendation is to hire a qualified home inspector.

To see more of Bryan’s videos, follow him on TikTok @bryanstandley. For more information on his home inspection business, please visit inspectkc.com.

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