‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Has Its First Vegan Chef on the Long-Running Series

People have different reasons why they choose to be vegan – some do it for the planet while others do it for health reasons. But Clemens had made some big life changes, and a friend suggested that she go vegan.

“I was in a very deep depression and my whole life collapsed,” she says. “I lost my job, I lost my boyfriend, my boyfriend took all my money … * laughs * and my best friend said, ‘Just go vegan, it will help you.’

“I was so desperate – veganism was the last thing I would have thought of because I was such a carnivore! And it changed my whole life, and I wasn’t prepared for that. “

Clemens says that the vegan diet has also completely changed the way you cook.

“I was [a chef] but I was just getting into the corporate world because I wanted more money – I wanted to open my own restaurant. So I started selling and I didn’t like it, but I have pretty good people skills so I was really good at it, ”she says. “And [at the time] I was pretty disconnected from food, I only ate food to survive, I wasn’t very creative at the time. So it kind of fit my lifestyle at that moment. “

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