‘He was the star in everything’: Man shot and killed in VB 3 days before 22nd birthday

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA. (WAVY) – The young man who made everything smile: This is how the Speller family remembers Keyon Turner, 21, a graduate of Tallwood High School in Virginia Beach.

“He was a great dancer; he danced all the time. The only thing about Keyon was that he was the star of everything, even among his friends. He loved being a mentor and showing other people that they can too, ”said his mother, April Rena Speller.

Just three days before his 22nd birthday, February 9, Turner was shot dead outside his home on Mineola Drive in Virginia Beach.

According to Speller, Turner was trying to mentor a friend and offered a hand to his former classmate, 21-year-old Treshaun Lamont Snipes.

Snipes was Arrested by police Saturday and charged in connection with Turner’s death.

Speller is a hotel manager in Virginia Beach. Turner was her assistant at the front desk, and Snipes was hired a year ago, left, and returned three weeks ago as a night auditor. Speller said it seemed like the two of them understood each other, although there had been some friction during Snipe’s first stay at the hotel.

“We needed someone to work overnight, and Keyon suggested Treshaun. So we immediately called Treshaun for the overnight position. We know Keyon hadn’t spoken to Treshaun during this time [the past year]. I assume he was pretty upside down because they kept their distance all year round and he just showed up out of the blue and asked if he could get a job. So we gave it to him. About two weeks after Treshaun, Treshaun offered to drive Keyon home. He offered to take him to pick up some things after work. I think Keyon thought his friendship would prevail from that point on, and they would take care of what was lost and broken for this year, ”Speller said.

(Courtesy photo by April Rena Speller)

On Friday afternoon Speller drove Turner to his apartment on Mineola Drive. On the way and in the parking lot – where they sat for 15 minutes – they talked about Turner’s plans to celebrate his 22nd birthday in Washington DC on Tuesday, February 9th

“Keyon got out of the car. I wanted to wait for him to come into the house. This is my normal routine to make sure my kids get on the front door, but we had been sitting out there [in the parking lot] I’ve just been driving down the street for so long When I turned onto Indian River Road, I saw an ambulance and a police car, ”she said.

Later, a cousin who lives in Detroit called and said he read on Facebook that Turner had been shot. Speller, frightened and distraught, turned around looking for her son. Eventually he ended up at a Sentara Norfolk General Hospital, where doctors spread the tragic news.

“When I got to Sentara after walking around looking for him because no one would tell me where he was, he had no brain activity at all and they were basically telling us there was nothing they could do for him,” he said Speller.

Speller says Turner was shot in the back of his head as he turned to unlock his front door. Early Saturday morning Police arrest Snipes the former high school classmate.

A makeshift memorial in honor of Keyon Turner (photo courtesy April Rena Speller)

Speller believes jealousy played a role in her son’s death.

“We are all in pain. We can’t believe this jealous man would take him away from us for free. For nothing he just went and brutally shot my son in the back of the head, a pointless crime. That doesn’t make sense, ”claimed Speller.

Speller says she was interviewed by police about a possible motive.

“I want everyone to know what my Keyon meant to us. He wasn’t a troublemaker. He didn’t sell drugs. He wasn’t into anything illegal. He was a good person, ”she said.

Speller says her son had plans to open a clothing line and kennel.

Instead of a birthday party, the family is now planning a celebration for Turner’s short life.

Loved ones have set up a cash app $ SisApril, for those wishing to contribute to funeral expenses.

Funeral and cremation services on the beach is settlement agreements.

Keyon visits a TV station in Richmond (photo courtesy Brandy Brown)

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