Half of the top 10 fashion best sellers on Amazon UK are UK brands

Lengow and DataHawk have published a study on “Amazon and the online fashion market”. The category “clothing” on the most important Amazon marketplaces in Europe (DE, UK, FR, IT) was examined over a period of one year (May 2020 to May 2021). The 100 bestsellers in the
Categories analyzed and the top 10 fashion bestsellers determined. Which brands do the best? Which products sell best?

Lots of no-name brands in the top 10 fashion best-sellers, but Fruit Of The Loom can be found everywhere

  • No-name brands are on par with well-known brands in the top 10. This is due, among other things, to the widespread unbranded search on Amazon (only 22% of search queries contain a brand) and the price (cheap products are clearly ahead in the category). Top 10).
  • The same well-known brands appear again and again in the top 10 on all Amazon marketplaces, e.g. B. Calvin Klein (UK, IT, FR), Puma (DE, IT, FR), Tommy Hilfiger (DE, IT, FR) or Levi’s (IT, FR). This speaks in favor of a Europe-wide uniform Amazon brand strategy.
  • Fruit Of The Loom is the only brand that can be found in every top 10 list. It manufactures basic products that are bought primarily because of their attractive price. The US brand handles almost the entire sales strategy via Amazon. Only in the USA is there an additional DTC online shop.
  • The majority of the brands in the top 10 rely on an Amazon brand store. Well-known brands (Levi’s, Puma, Lacoste, Crocs, Calvin Klein etc.) do this in order to communicate a uniform brand image. Such a store also makes it possible to increase traffic and stand out from the competition.

Basic products most popular, national brands not equally popular everywhere

  • Basic products such as boxer shorts, underpants, underwear, socks and T-shirts for which you don’t use the changing room but want to order easily online dominate the top 10.
  • The top 10 also include basic products in large quantities, i.e. packs of 6, 10 or even 18 packs. Amazon customers like to buy in bulk so their purchases are effective and save money.
  • Half of the brands on Amazon.de and Amazon.co.uk are national. This is not the case with Amazon.fr and Amazon.it. Especially in countries where Amazon is extremely strong, national brands seem to be increasingly trying to find a strategy that is bearing fruit.

A fragmented online fashion market in Europe

  • Dealers and brands that sold on Amazon in the “Clothing” * category also sold their products the most on the following marketplaces in Europe: Cdiscount (42.9%), Spartoo (38.1%), eBay (37.4%) ), La Redoute (25.9%), Zalando (13.7%) and Privalia (9.3%).
  • Otherwise, Amazon retailers across Europe mainly sell their products via eBay, Spartoo and Zalando.
  • France serves as an example of the highly fragmented online fashion market in Europe. In a survey of representative retailers ** in the fashion industry, Amazon “only” ranks fourth behind Spartoo, La Redoute and Vente Privée in terms of average monthly sales.

You can download the complete study here

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