Google Is Planning to Test Drones for Fighting Fires

Google is already testing drone delivery services in various locations around the world through its Wing unit. However, the company is now considering using the same technology to fight fires.

Google Research Climate and Energy Group – also known as Google Research and separate from Wing – recently asked the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for permission to test a drone “on private limited property in Firebaugh, California,” Bloomberg reported Wednesday . 3 February.

The flying machine, manufactured by Florida-based Homeland Surveillance & Electronics (HSE), which specializes in agricultural drones, weighs between 55 and 98.8 pounds and is used for testing fire fighting and surveillance operations with First -Person-View-Technology, “says the document submitted to the FAA.

Specific details of Google’s plans for firefighting drones are currently little known. Given that some of the HSE machines are already being used for spraying plants, it is easy to imagine that one of their water ejecting machines will be modified.

More and more fire departments around the world are using drones. In most cases, however, they are used to monitor ongoing fires to provide firefighters with real-time data so they can fight a fire as safely and efficiently as possible.

However, as technology evolves, some fire departments are already testing water spray drones that can quickly reach elevated spots or hard-to-reach places. For example, in Chongqing, China, last year firefighters conducted an exercise (pictured below) using multiple pilot-operated quadcopters, firing water from a high-pressure hose connected to a tank on the ground.

Firefighters in China tested water spray drones last year. iChongqing

Drone technology has made tremendous advances in recent years. More and more companies are offering a range of services that include everything from filmmaking and mapping to industrial inspections and cleaning wind turbines.

Strict regulations are currently the biggest barrier to increased use of drones. The FAA continually evaluates the safety of related technologies as they come into the market. Google is now waiting for the agency to give the green light to test its own drone-based fire-fighting system.

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