Get Ready, Kids, These Santa Trackers Are About to Fire Up!

With wrapped gifts, a beard cut and vaccination (presumably) the big guy in the red costume is more ready than ever to make dreams come true for millions of children around the world.

That’s right – Santa Claus is about to have his busiest delivery run of the year (correction … his only delivery run of the year), pulling down chimneys, mocking cookies and drinking milk in the process. And you can follow his every move online.

Popular Santa trackers from Google and the North American Aerospace Defense Command, better known as NORAD, will go live with tons of mapping content to add to the pre-bed excitement (not sure that’s really a good thing).

If Google’s tracker is comparable to previous versions, you can zoom right in at street level to see Santa’s current location via Street View. In the meantime, visit Google’s dedicated website for great fun and games.

The NORAD website also offers entertainment and educational functions, although not quite as many as Google’s offer. However, the tracker is just as accurate, showing you exactly how far Santa needs to travel before you can reach your neighborhood.

In case you didn’t know, NORAD is a bi-national US and Canadian military command responsible for monitoring local airspace for uninvited visitors.

So how did the business of persecuting Santa Clauses come about? Well, it all started thanks to a mistake a Colorado Springs newspaper made on Christmas Eve 1955.

A hotline phone number giving children the opportunity to speak to Santa Claus was misprinted by the newspaper and instead showed the number of NORAD’s predecessor, the Continental Aerospace Defense Command.

Of course, it was bombarded with calls from excited children eager to speak to Santa Claus. Fortunately, the operators on duty were good enough to play along and were happy to provide information on Santa’s location until late in the evening.

The error led to an annual tradition in which NORAD was able to integrate many new functions through the introduction of the Internet.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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