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If saving money was one of your New Year goals, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Reviewed, we find sensational discounts on some of the most popular household items on the market every day. This Monday we’ve rounded up the best Amazon deals on well-rated products that really set the tone, from the crazy cleansing gel to the best true wireless earbuds we’ve ever tested.

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Whether you are trying to make more food or improve your organizational game even further, these discounts will make you big bucks. Here are the top five Amazon sales finds to buy this Monday.

1. Less than $ 30: This makeup organizer with over 9,000 reviews

This rotating makeup organizer can work wonders in cramped bathrooms.

With more than 9,300 great Amazon reviews, the AmeiTech makeup organizer is one of the most popular cosmetic storage solutions on the site. You can currently put it up for sale. Originally $ 49.99, it can be bought for $ 26.88, saving you about $ 23. This 4.6-star pick rotates a full 360 degrees and, according to the manufacturer, can hold at least 60 brushes and 30 different beauty products, including lipstick, nail polish, skin care products and more. One happy Amazon buyer wrote, “Love, love, love it! It was perfect for what I needed. I have a small space in my bathroom to accommodate my beauty needs, so I needed something that was compact but mine Keeping things organized and at my fingertips. This was the perfect fit for me. “

Get the AmeiTech Makeup Organizer for $ 26.88 (save $ 23.11)

2. More Than $ 50 Off: The Best True Wireless Earbuds

Jabra's Elite 85t earbuds are serious competitors to AirPods Pro - and now they're on sale.

You deserve hearing your favorite music at its best, and if you’re looking for the best of true wireless earbuds, we’ve got a hot thing for you: Apple AirPods Pros ($ 216.98) aren’t the ones only game in town – still they’re the best. This title actually belongs to the popular Jabra Elite 85t wireless earbuds currently available on Amazon. Originally $ 229.99, it dropped to $ 178.01 so you can save about $ 52. That tops our last deal by more than $ 20. When tested, these buds ousted Apple’s perennial favorites thanks to the rugged, clear sound quality and great noise cancellation feature. You can also customize each set with the Jabra app to enjoy each track on your favorite albums in crisp, melodic perfection.

Get the Jabra Elite 85t True Wireless Earbuds for $ 178.01 (save $ 51.98).

3. Less than $ 10: This food scale with over 54,000 rave reviews

This scale is made of stainless steel and is perfectly compact, making it ideal for small kitchens.

Looking for an easier way to manage portion control or get the right amount of ingredients in a recipe? The Etekcity Food kitchen scale is one of the best digital kitchen scales we have ever tried and has 54,000+ glowing reviews on Amazon. Better yet, it’s less than $ 10 on Amazon right now. Originally $ 13.99, it is available for $ 10.95. However, if you click the on-page coupon below the price, you can save another 10% to get it for $ 9.86. In testing, we found this ultra-compact tool to be a solid investment despite its low price. While it is easy to scratch and smear, and struggle to accurately weigh some irregularly shaped items (such as kiwano melon), it’s a budget-friendly choice for those looking for some basic measurement or assistance with their New Year nutritional goals.

Get the Etekcity Food Kitchen Scale for $ 9.86 (save $ 4.13)

4. 18% discount: This strange but effective cleansing gel

Pick up dust, dirt, and debris from your keyboard.

Keyboards are gross – so gross that a 2016 study by IT training company CBT Nuggets found that they are actually dirtier than toilet seats. While the ColorCoral universal gel cleaner won’t disinfect your keyboard (it’s probably better to grab some disinfectant wipes for that), I’ve found it does a great job of removing hard-to-reach dirt, crude oil, and even Dorito dust (it’s in Okay, we’re not judging) between each key, and right now you’re even saving a little on it. Originally priced at $ 9.77, it is available for $ 8.99. (Select customers may be able to click an on-page coupon for an additional 10% discount.) I didn’t just use this on keyboards in my tests though: I got this stretchy mass – reminiscent of Gak (a Nickelodeon- Toys that kids in the 90s might remember from childhood) – used to clean calculators, air vents, and more. These goosebumps persist for a few weeks with heavy use. Just keep in mind that it will look and feel like snot over time, and it will break down if you run it underwater. Even so, this is one of those weird gems on Amazon that is absolutely worth trying.

Get ColorCoral Universal Gel Cleaner from $ 8.09 (save $ 1.68)

5. Save up to 30%: One of our most popular reusable sandwich bags

These reusable packed lunches are durable enough to withstand thousands of uses.

Whether you are passionate about reducing waste from single-use plastic items or just want to store snacks and sandwiches in storage, a reusable stasher silicone storage bag can be a handy thing to keep within reach. or a bunch!) with a cute discount. Originally priced at $ 9.99, now starting at $ 7.99. In our review of the best reusable sandwich bags on the market, we didn’t particularly like large sandwiches and the like – the thick material crushed some of our heartier lunches – but smaller ones weren’t a problem at all. Additionally, we’ve found these reusable bags to be extra sturdy compared to other varieties we’ve tried, making them an excellent choice for certain types of cooking such as sous vide. They can also be small toiletries, jewelry, and other bells and whistles for on the go.

Get the Stasher Silicone Reusable Storage Bag starting at $ 7.99 (save $ 2.00 to $ 3.54).

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