From Pocket Squares To Luxury Fashion: Sebastian Cruz Couture Expands Its Products Range

Sebastian Cruz Couture has built a legacy in seven years. Cesar, the company’s founder and CEO, says: “We are now an event wear brand, a statesman brand.” Indeed! When they launched their exclusive crocheted pocket squares, they got the welcome they deserved. The unique designs made heads turn. “People immediately bought up to 20 pieces. We have the confidence a new company needs. “The brand soon started creating new products for their loyal customers. Four years later, her white paisley tuxedo caught everyone’s attention. The overwhelming response prompted them to expand their product range.

The brand educates, inspires and empowers people. Co-founder Natasha Cruz shares, “People feel empowered when they dress well. We inspire you with our looks from head to toe. We also teach them how good clothing strengthens their personality. “The label houses all luxury items, from characteristic pocket squares to detailed designer suits. Customers enjoy the entire brand experience. “We love how their collection improvises and maximizes our wardrobe,” shares a trusted customer. Your lookbooks received massive applause. The looks stay in trend with the season and are evidence of fashion trends. The youth especially enjoy the sensuality of the outfits.

Sebastian Cruz Couture stands for luxury, premium quality and pronounced creativity. Italian mills work with LV, Hermes, Gucci, Fendi and most of the top design houses. Securing a friendly relationship with the mills speaks for the brand’s commitment to fine clothing. Sebastian Cruz Couture is now an entirely online company. In the early years they offered franchise businesses that didn’t quite work. Cesar believes that customers prefer to shop online. Her regular polls and quizzes on Instagram are visited by around 451,000 followers.

Weddings seem to hold a special place for the brand. Cesar shares: “It’s fun. We enjoy creating beautiful pieces for the wedding. Our customers trust us and let us work the magic. We sometimes cater for more than 15 weddings in a single day! It’s going crazy but who’s complaining? “The dynamic duo love their global presence. It is rare to be a brand of HIGH AOV. Having accomplished such a feat, they are eager to continue creating luxury craftsmanship.

The Couture brand is named after their not yet born son Sebastian. We wish the powerful couple soon to be proud parents!

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