Find Out Which Car Brands Came Top in This Owner Survey

Take a moment to look at the vehicle you currently own. And then ask yourself: if you had the opportunity to go through the buying process again, would you buy the same?

Consumer Reports (CR) used this simple question as the basis for their latest survey to identify the most popular and least popular brands of cars.

The survey’s “would buy again” rating is based on the percentage of 369,000 respondents who answered “definitely yes” when asked if they would choose the same vehicle if they had the opportunity to consider the buying process going through factors like price, performance, reliability, convenience, enjoyment and so on. All owners in the survey had vehicles from model years 2018 to 2020.

Which vehicles did best and worst in the survey?

The top three brands out of a total of 27 were: Tesla – maker of the Model S, Model 3, Model X and Model Y electric vehicles – with an overall owner satisfaction rating of 88; Luxury brand Lincoln (79); and Ram (76), manufacturer of pickups and delivery trucks. All three also scored high on driving and comfort, although not as good on value.

Below you can find Cadillac (59); Nissan (58); and Nissan’s Infiniti (48), although CR would like to point out that “the least satisfactory models or brands are not necessarily the worst on the market”.

In addition to the US brands already mentioned, Chrysler took 4th place with 76 points, Dodge 8 (74), Ford 14 (70), Jeep 20 (66), General Motors 21 (65), Chevrolet 22 (65) and Buick 24 . (61).

As you can see from the results, for all brands in their survey, the majority of owners said they would buy their vehicle again, so all automakers should be satisfied with the results to some extent.

CR found that some of the brands in its survey that score high for owner satisfaction do not do well on other measures in separate surveys. For example, Tesla and Lincoln rank high in owner satisfaction but low in CR reliability ratings. “The opposite is true for brands like Buick, whose models are reliable but relatively unsatisfactory for their owners,” said the non-profit consumer organization.

Certainly, such anomalies at the top of the CR table can indicate a brand’s ability to develop a close emotional bond with the owners of their vehicles. For example, Tesla, a pioneering automaker led by billionaire Elon Musk, is known for its enthusiastic following of owners, many of whom have been with the company from the start and likely feel part of a special club. Additional satisfaction can come from feeling part of something bigger, in this case Tesla’s role in the global shift to electric vehicles. With this in mind, it may take more time for owners to lose confidence in the brand than owners of cars associated with less “exciting” brands.

For more information on how CR rates customer satisfaction, please visit the website.

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