Find Out About the Kitchen and Bath Supplier Who are Changing the Game – Press Release

Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province – Founded in 1986 by Zheng Fei, Wangel Group is a China-based kitchen and bathroom manufacturer specializing in plumbing products. In 1997 the company established itself on the world market for kitchen and bathroom fittings. Wangel adopted the slogan “Cleary Superior, Obenssehen Wangel” in order to achieve both successes for all partners.

As of 2012, Wangel has had annual sales of $ 50 million. In 2014, Wangel registered its own brand “WANGEL” in 20 countries worldwide with more than two decades of OEM experience. The group also set up offices in South Africa and offices in Panama and Spain. Wangel Group is equipped with a 3000 square meter overseas warehouse to cater to orders from customers who need fast turnaround time for goods.

Wangel kitchen set manufacturer consists of five production facilities and produces a family of products, including faucets, bathroom accessories – bathroom paper holders, shelves, towel holders, bathroom mugs – mirrors, bathroom furniture, bathtubs, shower stalls, sinks, toilets, hair and hand dryers and other bathroom furniture with silver or bronze fittings. The kitchen faucets they offer include sinks, faucets, crockery baskets, towel rails, storage, utensil holders, shelves / shelves, organizational products, and more. The Wangel Group also offers bathroom and kitchen products for the disabled and the elderly, e.g. B. Security handles.

The company covers ten main categories of more than 1,000 types of products that come in a variety of styles, sizes, adhesive or screw mounts, and residential or commercial options.

The Wangel Group also makes a contribution to charity initiatives. The group believes that living a beautiful life is a vital part of the product portfolio, operation and promise of the Wangel community. Not only do they create the best sanitary ware for furnishing and upgrading bathrooms and kitchens, but also financially support many social projects, such as football games, participation in voluntary activities, competitions, etc.

Zheng Fei, the founder of Wangel, believed that exercise could help people become more robust. Based on this belief, the Wangel Group is building its public soccer clubs, SUV and volunteer teams in offices around the world. In addition, the sensor tap supplier often organizes road trips and football games and invites employees from international departments to participate in the activities.

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