Everything Nvidia Announced at its Game On CES 2021 Show

Nvidia’s CES 2021 kicked off at 9 a.m. today, and the company unveiled a range of new products for laptops and desktops. Above all, Nvidia is bringing its new architecture of the RTX 3000 series, which is supported by Ampere, to notebooks in order to offer more performance to mobile gamers who want to play ray tracing titles. The event, titled GeForce RTX: Game On, focused on gamers and developers.


Nvidia kicked off its presentation with some flashbacks from 2020, including the introduction of its second generation ray tracing cores on its Ampere architecture that powers the RTX 3000 series on the desktop. According to Nvidia, more than 36 games now use ray tracing.

The company also announced a few new titles that support ray tracing and DLSS, including Five Nights at Freddy’s and FIST

Nvidia also announced that Rainbow Six Siege is introducing Nvidia Reflex. There are now 5 monitors that come with Nvidia’s Reflex Latency Analyzer, which the company compared to an athlete heart rate monitor.

An RTX for every gamer

Nvidia announced a new RTX 3060 as a tempting upgrade for older GTX graphics cards. The latest RTX 3060 supports ray tracing and DLSS for 60 FPS, the company announced during its presentation.

The RTX 3060 has 13 shader teraflops, 25 RT TFLOPs and 101 tensor TFLOPs. It has 12GB of G6 storage that starts at $ 329.

RTX on the laptop

Nvidia announced a new generation of Ampere laptops. These laptops are twice as efficient and feature a 3rd generation Max-Q design for thin and light gaming notebooks. Nvidia claimed that every aspect of the laptop was designed with thermal performance in mind. The company is using AI to power these new notebooks.

Dynamic Boost 2.0 uses AI to offload the power of CPU, GPU, and CPU memory that manages performance per frame, according to Nvidia. This results in the greatest increase in performance than ever before.

There is a newly revised Whisper Mode 2.0, which uses the AI ​​algorithm to deliver better acoustics with the best possible performance.

With the Resizable Bar, games can now access the entire memory of the GPU for even better rendering.

“Max-Q reinvented the gaming laptop,” said Nvidia. Today’s Max-Q is half as big and half as heavy, but offers ten times more performance than four years ago.

The new RTX 3060 laptops start at $ 999 and offer 1.3 times the performance of Sony’s PlayStation 5, according to Nvidia.

For 1440p gamers, upgrade to the $ 1,299 RTX 3070 notebooks.

The flagship laptops RTX 3080 deliver 100 FPS when the RTX is switched on.

For professionals, Nvidia also announced new Nvidia studio laptops with RTX-based AI that transform the way artists work by performing complex edits such as: B. Automatically converting video from landscape to portrait while keeping the action in the foreground and center.

Nvidia also shows how AI can animate faces using only audio.

As of January 26, more than 70 laptops will be available for gaming and professionals, the company said.

“RTX is the new standard and the momentum continues to grow,” said Nvidia.

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