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Eboy Outfits in 2021

Sep 1

Eboy Outfits in 2021
Every year, social media introduces new phenomena to the world, and one of the most notable is the e-boy.

The alternative fashion, which started on TikTok, combines grunge-inspired pieces from the 1990s and 2000s with the season's hottest trends.

This non-conforming aesthetic is quickly recognised and a lot of fun to emulate, thanks to hairstyles from KPop stars like BTS to influencers like Chase Hudson. From black nail polish to chunky chains and layered clothing, there are plenty of choices to check out.

Here's how to rock the e-boy trend whether you're looking for any of the hottest TikTok looks or want to do something new in your look.

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If you've spent some time online in the last few years, you've probably come across the word "e-boy," which is commonly followed by photographs or videos of young men who share a certain aesthetic.

Chase Hudson, Payton Moormeier, and Anthony Reeves, teen TikTok influencers, are among the e-boy vanguard helping to popularize this look on social media and in real life. (Billie Eilish, meanwhile, is potentially the most well-known e-girl right now.)

Even if you aren't a traditional member of these young creators' target audience, something about their style can resonate with you or seem familiar. That's because there's a legitimate explanation for it: You're still thinking about how you used to look when you were a teenager. Are you perplexed? We'll fill you in on everything you need to hear about e-boys.

The e-boy aesthetic, which is extremely common on TikTok, often consists of the kind of baggy streetwear and grunge apparel that was popular when this writer was a kid and has seen a revival in the late 2010s. Other distinguishing characteristics include black nail polish and floppy hair that is dyed and parted in the centre, as if a member of a 1990s boyband had wanted to go emo (although this is more likely influenced by current K-pop artists).

None of these aspects are novel on their own. Fashion, like time, is a flat circle, and each new generation of teenagers has been known to pick and select pieces from their parents' workplaces to integrate into their own personal style (isn't this where the whole retro T-shirt trend started?).

The most intriguing aspect of e-boys is that they are expressing themselves by combining identifiable markers that historically denoted various large social tribes, such as "sporty" and "Goth." For many teenagers in the past, belonging meant dressing in a certain way, listening to a certain style of music, and so on. However, kids who have grown up with social media, which has flattened and blurred the lines between various categories, wear whatever they want.

Apps like TikTok have made one of the season's greatest phenomena widely known. This online epidemic is sweeping the globe, engulfing teens and young adults, and shows no signs of slowing down. While there is no clear description for this aesthetic, it seems to be more of a vibe than a trend and is easily identifiable. This is the modern age of the electronic women, and there are many subcategories within this domain, as well as many hybrid accessories and ensembles. There are plenty of styles to pull off this look seamlessly, from black striped long-sleeve tops to sharp winged eyeliner and bulky band shirts.

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